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EVENT COMPLETE - Back until Labor Day! - the $25 AppleByte AMC Movie Gift card for 2500 applebytes!

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It's almost September, so between now and Labor Day, there is still time to take your favorite artist to the movies

with the AppleByte AMC Theater Gift Card!







For 2500 AppleBytes, you will receive a $25 AppleByte AMC Theatre Gift Card



Wait,  I arrived here from some post and have no clue what AppleBytes are?? 


AppleByte is the cool digital currency created to support artists of all types - More details on our main page: http://applebyte.me





How to get your card:

  1. Send 2500 ABY to the AppleByte Foundation Wallet: APH9arPucjWN6GLhogKJrdnhvmskA4GPRR
  2. Email us at events@applebyte.me, and include your AppleByte wallet address - We can either email you an electronic gift card, or if you prefer a printed card, include your mailing address as well.
  3. Enjoy the movies with an artist friend!

Limit - One gift card per person, offer expires Monday, September 1st.


Don't have your AppleByte Wallet yet, get it here: http://www.applebyte.me/get-started.html


Have your AppleByte wallet, but need more applebytes, check out the ways you can earn applebytes http://www.applebyte.me/get-started.html

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