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How to mine (create) ArtBytes

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You can not mine using an online wallet, to mine you must first download an ArtByte wallet.

An extra step for mining on Windows

When you download and install a Windows wallet, you must also manually download and install the mining app also. This is automatic on MAC, but not on Windows. Follow these instructions:

  • Download the most recent Windows version of cpuminer: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cpuminer/files/?source=navbar
  • Unzip the folder, which includes minerd and some other files
  • Move minerd and the other included files to the Programs folder, where ArtByte-Qt is located. You should now see that ArtByte-Qt and minerd (and the files that came with it) are in the same folder.

Now you are ready to follow the steps below. If you do not complete this step you will get an error when trying to mine on MAC.

The following instructions are for mining from the ArtByte wallet (Experienced miners using ASICs can simply create an account on http://pool.artbyte.me & point their miners to the pool and the appropriate port (listed on the pool)

When opened on your PC, your wallet is connected to the ArtByte Network. The ArtByte network both verifies ArtByte transactions and creates (mines) new ArtBytes. 

On the wallet app for MAC, PC, or Linux there is a tab for "Mining" (mining can not be performed on Android devices).

To mine using your Wallet, the first thing you need to do is setup an account at our mining pool: http://pool.artbyte.me. Just click on the "Create pool account" link at the bottom of the wallet (lower right corner). When you are on the pool website, you can login (by clicking on the tab on the upper right, labeled "Guest", then click the sign up button.

When your account is setup, login then chose the "My Account" tab on the left, then choose "My Workers" and create a new worker. Then you need to configure your payout address and how often you want it to payout from the mining wallet to your personal wallet. Under the “My Account” tab, click “Edit Account”, scroll down about half way and you will see “Payment Address” You need to enter the address of your personal wallet. Then go to “Automatic Payment Threshold”, set that to the minimum amount you want to transfer from your pool account to your personal wallet.

Once you have a worker set up on your account, you can open your wallet, click on the mining tab and fill in your Username (which is the combination of your pool account name, followed by a dot, then your worker). So it would be entered like this: yourpoolaccountname.yourworker

For example, if your pool about name was "John" and your worker name was the number "1", you would enter it like this: "John.1"



After you have filled in the info on the wallet, just click start mining, and you will be connected to the pool.

If you have any problems, just email support@artbyte.me

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