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Hans Heyerdahl | Norwegian Realist

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Hans Heyerdahl | Realist painter

Hans  Heyerdahl  At  the  Window C
Hans Olaf Halvor Heyerdahl (8 July 1857, Smedjebacken, Sweden - 10 October 1913, Oslo) was a Norwegian Realist painter.
He was the son of Halvor Heyerdahl (1825-1900), a prominent engineer. In 1859, the family moved to Drammen, where his father took up the joint posts of City Engineer and Fire Chief.

Hans  Heyerdahl  Self  portrait
He began his education with the intent of following in his father's footsteps, but soon discovered that he was more attracted to drawing and art.
In 1873, he entered the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry and studied under Peder C. Thurmann, a landscape artist trained in Dusseldorf.
Hans  Heyerdahl  Idyll C
Hans  Heyerdahl  The  old  fisherman
Hans  Heyerdahl  The  Penitent  Magdalene

The following year, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, where his professors were Wilhelm von Lindenschmit the Younger and Ludwig von Löfftz, who encouraged him to switch from landscapes to historical painting and portraits.
From 1878-1882, he lived in Paris and won a third-place Medal at the Exposition Universelle for his painting of Adam and Eve's expulsion from Paradise, finished in 1877 under the guidance of Wilhelm Lindenschmit (1829-95).
He made his début at the Salon in 1879 with a portrait of the composer Johan Svendsen.
L C Aon   onnat     Fille  romaine   C A  la  fontaine
Léon Bonnat - Fille romaine à la fontaine



While in Paris, he came under the influence of Léon Bonnat and took up painting en plein-air. 
In 1881, his work "Det døende barn" (The Dying Child) won the "Grand Prix* du Florence" at the Salon, which enabled him to spend two years studying in Italy.
After finishing his studies, he returned to Norway and settled in Christiania (Oslo), where he gave private art lessons to support his studio. His summers were spent painting in Åsgårdstrand, where he inspired Edvard Munch, who was just beginning his career. In addition to his landscapes, he did scenes from Norwegian history and several portraits of notable people, including Frits Thaulow (1885), Knut Hamsun (1893) and Henrik Ibsen (1894).
After 1900, he spent another six years in Paris, where his paintings took on a more melancholy tone. In 1904, he was named a Knight in the Order of St. Olav. 
Hans  Heyerdahl  The  Strawberry  Girl
Hans  Heyerdahl   oy  blowing  bubbles C
Hans  Heyerdahl  Fiskergutten C
Hans  Heyerdahl  Fiskergutten C
Hans  Heyerdahl  Girl  with  strawberries
Hans  Heyerdahl  Little  girl  on  the  beach
Hans  Heyerdahl  Mor  og  barn C
Hans  Heyerdahl  The  fisherman  and  his  daughter
Hans  Heyerdahl  The  Girl  with  Linen  Hair C
Hans  Heyerdahl  The  Girl  with  Linen  Hair C
Hans  Heyerdahl  View  from   C sg C Ardstrand
Hans  Heyerdahl  Tutt Art
Heyerdahl, Hans Olaf - Pittore, nato nel Dalarne in Svezia l'8 luglio 1857, morto a Cristiania il 10 ottobre 1913.
Cominciò i suoi studî alla scuola pittorica di Morten Müller in Cristiania e nel 1874 si recò all'Accademia di Monaco. Acquistò la qualifica di colorista eccellente, come già dimostra Adamo ed Eva cacciati dal Paradiso (1877).
Il suo successivo lavoro Bambino morente del 1882 fu comprato dal governo francese. Studiò a Firenze e le opere eseguite sotto l'influsso dell'arte antica si distinguono non solo nella ricca e variata produzione di Heyerdahl, ma in tutta l'arte norvegese, specialmente per la loro straordinaria qualità coloristica.
Tra le sue molte opere notiamo; La Maddalena penitente e Due sorelle nella Galleria nazionale di Oslo. | © Treccani
Hans  Heyerdahl  Portrait  of  a  Girl  with  a   unch  of  Flowers C
Hans  Heyerdahl  Portrait  of  a  Girl  with  a   unch  of  Flowers C







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