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Hi everyone :)

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Sooo, where to start.

I discovered this community recently. I'm not entirely sure what to expect, but I had to try it, because I like to try new things :)

My name is Veronika, I'm an ordinary girl, who likes gaming and enjoys online experience. But I'm not always disconnected from real world. My hapiness is my lil angel Jenny a white doggo who always makes me smile.

My contributions will be from virtual wrold Second Life. I've been a resident since 2008 and my interests in-world are texturing and skin making.

I hope you'll enjoy my creation as much as I enjoy making it. :)

My art wallet adress


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Hello Veronika, welcome to the Artbyte forum,will be nic eto see ur works. Pls. edit this intro and add ur wallet adres and also add ur wallet adres in ur profile (right top click ur profile name a menu will open) about me section too. Enjoy the forum! 

here is link for the beginners


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Helo and welcome to the Artbyte forum, I guess this is the right time to be always active here on the forum the community is quickly getting bigger by the day, I hope that @Veronika989 you will too reap the benefits of being an active member here on the Artbyte community!

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