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Artbyte Wallet 1.10 app (Android) problem

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Hi all,

Hopefully someone could help out me with this issue.

I can't send any Artbyte from my wallet to another wallet. I used to send Artbyte before, but since a while it's impossible.

There error I receive when I open the app is:

"Artbyte Wallet

Detected problems with app native libraries.

(please consult log for detail:)

libscrypt.so: text relocations"


If tried everything I can but can't solve it.

Even using another phone didn't help.

Thanks in advance.




Phone: LeEco Le Max 2 (LineageOS 15.1, Android 8.1)

Two wallet private keys are imported.


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Hello, if i remeber right some said before if u set ur fee higher maybe 5 or 10 Aby it would work. i dont know why or how. if it dosent work. maybe someone else can help. if not maybe u should export ur private keys to desktop wallet for the time being. Good luck!

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