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I would like to share with you some drawings that I made, they are related to my book for adults that is available on Amazon, since last year.

My goal is to encourage you to take a look at my book and obviously encourage you to buy it to colour it.

Here I go!:

The drawing you see below, the Betta fish, was the first I did to start the colouring book.

I show you here some steps of the drawing process.



I drew a sketch first, drawn with lead pencil on paper.


Then, I turn the drawing into digital outlines, so I get a pretty and clean figure.


The next step is to achieve a more interesting drawing, attractive to draw, for which I draw intuitively scribbles and add some details to define the figure more clearly.large.002BettaI.jpg.b3cd2cf3fc3671f23be81b1fe7b64770.jpg

Finally, I draw the seascape I found the most adequate for my fish.large.003BettaI.jpg.f2a1009890555bb17c5bcb8456ff5545.jpg

Now, the betta fish is finished, it just needs to be coloured!

Thank you very much for looking at my drawings. I hope it was interesting for you
If you like colouring, consider to acquire my book here.

My wallet: 


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