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Tipping buskers using ArtByte?

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This is an interesting article about tipping buskers (street performers) using cryptocurrency.

If you can please, write a comment on the site explaining the benefits of ArtByte:

You could easily tip using ArtByte if we had a smartphone app, or even a pre-made paper wallet .

This is why Coinomi multi-asset might be a good choice for a busker because they receive many different types of crypto using one app.

Still, ArtByte is clearly a better choice than Bitcoin for the busker.

Reason 1: Transaction fees have always been less than Bitcoin. We call it a fee, but it is really a tax for using the network. Lower fees equals more money to the artist themselves.

Reason 2: Confirmation times are typically faster than Bitcoin

Reason 3: People like paying in whole numbers instead of decimals. Wouldn't you rather tip 200 ArtByte instead of 0.00002 ?

Reason 4: There's a great creative community around this coin made up of artists and crypto enthusiasts

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This is definitely something that would be worth putting into practice.

That would good for some of the art crawls that happen around here, a lot of artists working outside during those events.

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