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the spider web is my last oil painting. I want to show you some stages of the painting progress hope you enjoy it.
The spiderweb.jpg

For the first layer, called underpainting, I have painted with brown and yellow ochre colours. I paid more attention to define the colour and light of the background.
Basically, I used Burnt Umber, Titanium White, Yellow Ochre Pale and Ultramarine Light.

Here I define some plants and leaves for the front using the same palette used previously. (The different tone is because I took this picture at night).

At this stage, I start to place the flowers and give some green touches to the leaves in front.
For the green colour, I made a mixture of grey and yellow (Paine's Gray and Cadmium Lemon).

Now, my palette consists of different degrees of green that I made with Lamp Black, Cadmium Lemon and Titanium White.

Here, for the leaves of the tree, I made almost the same mixture of green but with more yellow and I used a little yellow ocher as well.
I worked on the flowers by adding white. With the colour white too, I drew the spider web.

This is the finished painting.
The spiderweb.jpg

The following images show some details.





Hope you liked these images.


Thanks for regarding!!

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