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I think the current ArtByte Price is way too low for them to sell the coins.
LiteBit isn't an exchange, where you can buy coins from other users, or just trade with Buy and sell orders, it is more a store, which has an specific amount of coins in stock they have bought... and then, sell them to you.

But if they have bought f.e. 1,000,000,000 coins for 0.016 cent each, they wont sell them for the current price I would guess.
I have seen, that they have set the maintenance mode, when the ArtByte coin reached a value of 0.015 Cent, I think...

I would guess, the maintenance mode will be over, as soon as the market will be stabilized / or will be back to a value of 0.13 or so.

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Thanks for your reply!


I know LiteBit is not an exchange, but the warning specifically said that there was maintenance on 'another site or exchange.' Maybe that's just a standard error message and they really just can't sell them at the current price?

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25 minutes ago, Coinbiz said:

The maintenance is as aresult of technical glitch they are trying to fix and not as a result of the price of artbyte. 

Oh, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the information! 

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