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18 hours ago, Thinknow11 said:

Well, you're entitled for your opinion and so I'm. However, when I say stability is returning to the cryptocurrency market and you are able to take a look at the cryptocurrency market cap you will  understand what am saying but if you're judging the market stability with a coin then you're wrong. 

Something that hasn't really even existed can't return, and saying that BTC was stable during the years after Mt. Gox hack because nobody wanted to use it is misleading at best. Yes, the price didn't really fluctuate, but then again there was hardly anything you could do with it. Now there are more options for actually using BTC, but the inflanatory nature of it makes spending a bit of a bad idea by design.

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On 4/12/2018 at 4:53 PM, Adedunmola said:

Share with your colleagues in the office 

Go to secondary schools, even primary schools and start Art clubs 

Organize meet-ups where the role of artbyte would be discussed. 

Also, look for opportunities of art exhibition to educate artists around you. 

These are just few of what I could think of right now. 

What a great step to take 

I will make it a point of duties henceforth 

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