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Metatron's cube original painting

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If you have read my earlier posts you can see that I talk a lot about sacred geometry. This is a symbolic representation of the Metatrons-Cube which composes of over 70,000 individual dots which took me 310 days to complete. Metatrons-Cube is one of the most powerful tools to attract positive energy into this realm and is a symbolic representation of formation of life itself, which formed due to the 5 elements of nature Air, Fire, Water,Earth and Cosmos.


Metatrons-Cube is a 3 dimensional figure which composes all the 5 platonic solids which are the fundamentals of any living being. The formal charting of platonic solids predates the dawn of civilization itself so we do not know when this symbol came into existence which is quite stunning if you ask me!

Sacred geometry revolves around the belief that through geometric form, one can gain an understanding of the nature of the world around us and the universe as a whole.

Plato who lived in the time of in his book, Timaeus, written in approximately 350 BC, Plato first described these solids, linking them to different elements of reality.


The tetrahedron, containing four sides, and actually found twice within Metatron’s cube (the star tetrahedron is a combination of two tetrahedrons), is used to represent fire.

The cube, containing six sides, and also found twice within Metatron’s cube, represents the earth.

The octahedron, containing eight sides, represents the air. The icosahedron, containing twenty sides, represents the water. Finally, the dodecahedron, containing twelve sides, is used to represent the cosmos.











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On 12/28/2017 at 10:44 AM, Cgegege said:

Am seen this kind of a thing for the first time,anyway they are awesome 

i have many like this,but he has gone miles step in giving more creativity,its unique.

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