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ArtByte in top 100 coins based on community engagement

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43 minutes ago, Admin said:

Coingecko ranks coins by engagement of their user community. The ranking does not include forums like this one, but includes typical social media.

Artbyte is now in the top 100, number 75.


Congrats to artbyte community, we deserve it and very soon we shall be in top 10

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On 11/29/2017 at 10:58 PM, CrytoArtist said:

Eyy! That's great! If it is one thing I know we have at Artbyte it is community! Let's keep making it better

ABY indeed has a magnificent community! Can't say the same for other cryptocurrency projects, especially what comes to the community moderation! Really great to see Artbyte staff give their best for making this happen, so we should not let them down either!

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