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My pyrography works

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On 2018-03-31 at 7:53 PM, kayboy205 said:

The work is superb. Hope it's not tedious? 


I will love to know better. 

You are welcome 

Sorry for late reply. for some reason I did not get notification. Thank you very much. I love what I do so it is not tedious at all. 

On 2018-04-01 at 4:20 PM, hj27 said:

It's great to revisit your works again.

Sorry for late reply. for some reason I did not get notification. Thank you very much.

On 2018-04-01 at 8:52 PM, Art4life said:

This a wonderful work

Sorry for late reply. for some reason I did not get notification. Thank you very much.

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"Silver Eye"  pyrography  + colored pencils 

My model: Eve











   "Silver Eye" is without a doubt one the most infamous names in all the seas. But little can be said for certain about the woman behind this name. It is always difficult to distinguish true story from lies and rumors. But in this case even undeniable facts seem more like a fairytale and not something that should be possible. So perhaps the best way to approach this tale is to learn everything and only then decide what we should believe.

  Origin of "Silver Eye" and her ship "Devil's kitchen" is debated still. Most theories agree that they appeared for the first during one hellish storm when sky and sea were facing each other in a ferocious battle. Some claim that the ship rose from the depths of the sea. Others believe that it descended from a stormy cloud. Either way that sudden appearance changed the course of history. Before that many countries tried achieve superiority and rule the seas. Finding trade routes, establishing colonies and expanding their influence was favorite activity of many rulers. But this joy ended then another player joined the fray. At first kings and queens did not believe reports of their vassals. And who could blame them. Those reports might as well could be called drunken tales. Flying ship that appears out of nowhere and disappears without a trace? Ship that sails faster than wind and can't be damaged by either storms or cannon shots? Small crew led by a woman with a silver tie covering her right eye? all of this even now sounds like a bunch of lies or a joke. And those things were only prelude of countless reports. So crowned heads could only ignore such nonsense or punish their drunk lying vassals. But soon even the rulers had to accept that at least some of the tales were true after all.  

  In the beginning of her pirate legend "Silver Eye" gained a lot fame in a very grotesque and terrifying way. After yet another successful raid first mate tried to raise a mutiny against his captain. It escalated into a very one-sided fight. "Silver Eye" moved as if she was dancing and not fighting. Her opponent had seen it many times and now was confident in his ability. Certain of his victory. But that was a deadly mistake. The dance was far too unpredictable. Far too fierce and precise and refined. A bizarre and unique art of killing. First mate understood this too late. At this point his life was already over. Some other captains would have forced him to jump into the sea. exiled him in uninhabited island or maybe hanged on the stem. But those options seemed far to merciful and cute for the "Silver Eye". Instead she disarmed her opponent. Baked him on a slow fire. And then.. ATE him with fries. Such savage act made her crewmates and enemies tremble in fear. This was far beyond from what they were capable to even imagine.  

    "Silver Eye" continued to grow her reputation as a monstrous pirate. Numerous raids of prosperous towns and sea battles with anyone unlucky enough to get in her way quickly made her name one of the most feared in the seas. "Devil's kitchen" became another name covered by an aura of terror and chaos. One might even say that the ship competed with its mistress. But their names are inseparable from one another so this competition was more like a pointless but entertaining struggle for dominance. Magical vibe greatly increased renown of both captain and her ship. So it took very little time and what was once considered just a rumor or drunk tale became real problem for other pirates and crowned heads alike. I am sure that all this is hard to believe. I didn't believe it either after hearing it for a first tiime. So believe what you will. One thing is certain. Even now "Silver Eye" is still sailing with "Devil's kitchen" and those names continue to be known as a wrath of the sea... 

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