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18 hours ago, Coinbiz said:

If you can post here,  then you should be able to find your way round reddit. 

Here at the forum, the translator works, but in the reddit unfortunately no

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On 8/24/2017 at 5:24 PM, cryptogeek101 said:

They should find a way to implement the translator in Reddit because it will help a lot.

If one is using Google Translate in the first place, I don't see what's the difference in where they copy and paste the output.

But to get to the topic, I've tried this integration and it works nicely! The dev team might want to consider making an add-on as well, which would add a tip button on Reddit because currently there is just too many commands to remember, and that is probably why I think that the adoption rate will be a bit lower. I don't think pre-filled message addon would be too big of a project.

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