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EVENT COMPLETE - AppleByte Summertime Movies - $25 AMC Gift Card for 2500 AppleBytes

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Summertime is movie time. Beat the heat and take your favorite artist to the movies with the AppleByte AMC Theater Gift Card!





For 2500 AppleBytes, you will receive a $25 AppleByte AMC Theatre Gift Card



Wait,  I arrived here from some post and have no clue what AppleBytes are?? 


AppleByte is the cool digital currency created to support artists of all types - More details on our main page: http://applebyte.me





What you need to do:

  1. Send 2500 ABY to the AppleByte Foundation Wallet: APH9arPucjWN6GLhogKJrdnhvmskA4GPRR
  2. Email us at events@applebyte.me, and include your AppleByte wallet address - We can either email you an electronic gift card, or if you prefer a printed card, include your mailing address as well
  3. Enjoy the movies with an artist friend!

Limit - first 50 customers


Don't have your AppleByte Wallet yet, download it here: http://www.applebyte.me/get-started.html


Have your AppleByte wallet, but need more applebytes, check out the ways you can earn applebytes http://www.applebyte.me/get-started.html

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I sent 5000 to the address listed for two cards. Just wondering if you have received the coins and request. An email was also sent to events@applybyte.me as requested in the OP.


To: APH9arPucjWN6GLhogKJrdnhvmskA4GPRR

From: AZ9mgpV9LTTsdE26KtRDqDDhQXDGxG1YCk

Amount: 5000.01

Transaction ID: d7908b25efdc3dc0d18ef6265d44cce731c790dcff605477058505b014258fe6

Date/Time: 2014-07-13 14:56:32



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Got it. Your card will go out today (via email). We had several of them, so it took a while to match your email, since the name is different than your userid here.

Awesome!! Got them! Family is very happy. Thank you so very much!

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