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Ginger Strivelli

Quilting fabric medium artworks by Ginger Strivelli

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Hello, My name is Ginger Strivelli. I am an artist and writer from Jupiter, NC, USA but now live in Luxor, Egypt. I have just started quilting and adding fabric textiles to the mediums I normally use. I have painted and drawn, and made jewelry for years, and though I have sewn clothing for years, I have just started doing it as an art form medium this year.

Here are pictures of my first two wall hanging quilts and a couple of the pillows I have made by quilting fabric pieces. (I made up the designs myself and used no patterns.)

My ArtByte address is AQcXQrjMWdfV7wrRYStbyMvJ92T3RK94yJ






my ArtByte address account is AQcXQrjMWdfV7wrRYStbyMvJ92T3RK94yJ

and I'd love to hear some feedback from other artists, as I am new to this medium.



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On 8/21/2017 at 3:20 AM, nasym said:

The designs are good but it is not for everyone taste . For myself I really liked it :) 

Personally I wouldn't buy it because of the designs, but it does look neat and well made. So nothing wrong with your skills! More to come.

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