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Industrial Gothic Rock from Canada

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Hello everyone, I've been a part of ArtByte for a while, but in active, after reading the news and seeing the great progress, I thought it time to take check in, thus I'm taking advantage of the new profile feature! Hope you all enjoy my music!


My project is called 'ToxSyn

ToxSyn is a Canadian Industrial Goth Rock band based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
To describe the band's sound, the recipe is to mix a little NiN, Alice In Chains, 80’s rock, and heavy metal into a blender and voila!, you have ToxSyn a unique blend of music that appeals to many. 
Currently ToxSyn is working on new material to be released every few months, as opposed to traditional 'cd's' and album formats.  


http://youtu.be/HJpddY5jKP8 - debut video

http://www.facebook.com/toxsynband - facebook

http://www.twitter.com/toxsynband - twitter


My Artbyte address: AYuyg8A6NHNgbZd4mvgxxEWrehdY524mM4

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Very nice music, easy listening that I could imagine adding as background music when working! Lately I've been running across quite a few Canadian rock / metal bands, seems to be a really popular thing there. Welcome to the forums!

And oh, I have the same style of B.C. Rich Warlock. It's... *drumroll* edgy!

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