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Temporary suspension of some AppleByte Services

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The AppleByte redemption service has been temporarily suspended. It is anticipated that the services will be down until July 5th. The server is being upgraded to meet the requirements of the new digital currency regulations recently released in the United States.


Details are on our blog: http://www.applebyte.me/applebytes-response-to-the-latest-us-regulations/

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UPDATE - The redemption service as been re-enabled, with the exception of in the State of New York.


Along with many organizations in the digital currency space, ArtByte decided to withdraw from doing business in New York because of the excessive costs and complexity of the NY BitLicense.


So New York artists can not participate in these redemptions.

See ArtByte Blog post for details: http://www.artbyte.me/artbyte-withdraws-from-the-new-york-market/

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