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EVENT COMPLETE - AppleByte Foundation Announces the AppleByte VISA Card

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Where can artists use AppleBytes?

Any where, any place!





$20 Gift card for artists - 2000 Applebytes



Wait, I came to this post from a link and don't know what AppleBytes are...

Go here to learn - http://applebyte.me




What you need to do:

  1. You must be an artist and post about your work in the appropriate Artist Listing Section of this Forum http://applebyteme.invisionzone.com  Please include a link to your work, and your AppleByte wallet address
  2. Send 2000 applebytes (need applebytes, see below) to the AppleByte Foundation Wallet: APH9arPucjWN6GLhogKJrdnhvmskA4GPRR
  3. Email us at events@applebyte.me - with your name & mailing address and your Forum ID & AppleByte Wallet Address 


Don't have your AppleByte Wallet yet, download it here: http://www.applebyte...et-started.html

Have your AppleByte wallet, but no AppleBytes, check out our free 2500 AppleByte Giveaways here: http://www.applebyte...et-started.html

Already got your free AppleBytes, start creating (mining) more. Just follow the Mining Instructions link in Step 3 of Get Started: http://www.applebyte.me/get-started.html



Limit - first 50 artists, US Residents only

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