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Why support artists with ArtBytes, instead of cash?

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What advantages are there in supporting artists with ArtBytes, as opposed to cash or other traditional methods of transferring money?

  • ArtBytes can be given by any fan, anywhere in the world, to artists anywhere in the world.

  • Fans or artists don't need credit cards or bank accounts to give and receive ArtBytes.

  • There are no governmental, corporate or regional restrictions, telling fans who they can support.

  • Artists receive and can spend donations of ArtBytes almost instantly.

  • There are no fees for giving artists ArtBytes, compared to credit cards, Paypal or bank transfer fees, etc.

  • Many artist and fans wish they could support their favorite artists, but simply do not have the extra cash. With ArtByte fans and artists can actually earn ArtBytes by linking their computers to support the AppleByte network.*

  • Artists can also support themselves without taking time away from their creative efforts, just by connecting their computers to the network*

  • ArtByte provides a focused, dedicated community of artists and art lovers, providing exposure of an artist's work to fans around the world**

  • And of course, ArtBytes can be converted to cash, with no fees charged!***
  • ArtBytes can be saved as a speculative investment. The history of digital currencies demonstrates that as new digital currencies become more widely used, they tend to appreciate in value. Will ArtByte follow this trend? Perhaps, but there are no guaranties.****


* See "How it works" and "Mining ArtBytes" on http://artbyte.me

** The ArtByte art community currently has more than 120,000 members via social media (FaceBook, Twitter, and our Forum).

*** See Buy/Sell/Trade ArtByte on this forum.

**** Investing and saving digital currencies is a very high risk venture. No one should hold more ArtBytes, than they could afford to lose.

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