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List your music for free on the ArtByte Music Store

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As a musician, we would like to invite you to list your music for sale on our new music site: http://music.artbyte.me


ArtByte is a great community where fans can support the artists they like, not just with favs, likes, or RTs, but with a real token of appreciation that has monetary value.


ArtByte uses the new technology of digital currencies to give real support to artists.

You can learn all about how it works and where you can redeem your ArtBytes at: http://www.artbyte.me


Keep your other sites (iTunes, reverbnation.com, etc.) of course, but please also list your music on the ArtByte Music Store.


Listing is free, and you keep 100% of the sales proceeds. There is never any fee. All costs are paid by the ArtByte Foundation.


You can list your music, in under five minutes:http://music.artbyte.me

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