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EVENT COMPLETE - ABY Lottery - win a Gridseed Asic Scrypt Miner!

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AppleByte Lottery


Win a ZoomHash Gridseed 530khs overclocked, ASIC Scrypt Miner!





Lottery Rules

1. Each entry is a minimum of 100 ABY, and every 100 ABY equals one lottery ticket (one chance to win)
2. Enter as many times as you like. Send as many ABY as you like (each 100 ABY = one ticket, so for example 1000 ABY = 10 tickets)
3. Send ABY to the AppleByte Foundation wallet address: APH9arPucjWN6GLhogKJrdnhvmskA4GPRR , and email us your wallet address at events<at>applebyte.me
4. Contest ends Friday, June 6, at midnight New York time
5. The Gridseed ASIC miner will be shipped to the winner Monday, June 8! We will pay the shipping any where in the world!


A new cryptocurrency to support artists of all types in NYC (musicians, actors, film makers, dancers, painters, sculptors, photographers, models, etc.)
Download the wallet for MAC or Windows: Get Started
AppleBytes launched May 1, 2014 in NYC and is traded on Poloniex Exchange

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