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EVENT COMPLETE - AppleByte $10 Starbucks Gift Card

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Get your creative self going with the $10 AppleByte Starbucks Card!






For 1000 AppleBytes, you will receive a $10 AppleByte Starbucks Gift Card  (sent to you via email)


Wait,  I arrived here from some web post and have no clue what AppleBytes are?? 

AppleByte is the cool digital currency created to support artists of all types - More details on our main page: http://applebyte.me



How to get your card:

  1. Join the AppleByte Forum:
  2. Send 1000 ABY to the AppleByte Foundation Wallet: APH9arPucjWN6GLhogKJrdnhvmskA4GPRR      15218373452_62fded6c77_m.jpg
  3. Email us at events@applebyte.me, and include your AppleByte wallet address & email address




Don't have your AppleByte Wallet yet, download it here: http://www.applebyte.me/get-started.html

Have your AppleByte wallet, but need more applebytes, check out the ways you can earn applebytes http://www.applebyte.me/get-started.html


Limit - first 100 customers, one per customer

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Why not use this Starbucks gift card as the tip for the Applebyte tipping project? The artist who received the tip will just show the tweet to any Starbuck store and claim the gift card.

So the artist does not necessarily create an applebyte wallet. Maybe he/she can just show the tweet and possibly some code to the Starbuck store. The point is we just leave applebyte working in the background. We just create interest and awareness to people.


Also regarding the amount of the tip, it should be just enough to buy a coffee - not necessarily $10.

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