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Found 2 results

  1. Hello :)

    Hello everyone, This morning after reading a blog post from Strawberrysingh, a Second Life Blogger, I thought to myself that I really had to join ArtByte and see how it is. So here I am, curious and excited to learn how this all works. It all looks very interesting and a great way to share your creations. I am a Second Life Blogger that wishes to share my posts but besides that, I love writing and will be sharing that too. Perhaps even short stories in combination with Second Life Photography or just digital paintings. I really hope to meet nice people not only with similar interests and I am looking forward to seeing what other artists share, to learn new things and to be more active in my craft while also improving it. I wish you all a great weekend!

    Hi Everyone, i am an African poet and writer. My Portfolio: https://www.facebook.com/stephen.onyiri https://www.twitter.com/cutyme26 Artbyte address: AQULZGf97nbDMWpb7DTiQaYFhgC7BHbcnm A POEM I TITLE, "A SONNET, LIFE". Life is worth living, The ups and downs are always trilling. Your foe may turnout a best friend, Pray so as not to associate with a fiend. Always know at the back of your mind, That which rejuvenates a man isn’t easy to find. But don’t be a novice, be brave! Keep striving not to end in a grave. The earth is made of talented hands, They are surrounded by fans. Search your spirit; there lies your best, Find your passion and remain first. Don’t be jealous of those excessively flamboyant, All you need is, “do not slumber”, says the ant.