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Found 4 results

  1. Watercolor on Paper | Harbour

    My new Watercolor work in progress LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE If you like my artwork artbyte adress: AbcixgYXTTbXd2pgQhwhiYzKcpRFm2fcm4
  2. My new Watercolor work in process

    Watercolor on Paper FB: https://www.fb.com/sujithputhranartist artbyte address: AbcixgYXTTbXd2pgQhwhiYzKcpRFm2fcm4
  3. Zeus: Sketching Tutorial by me

    Zeus Charcoal & Graphite on Paper Size:67.4 x 54 cms Zeus is the God of paradise and thunder of ancient Greek religion, which ruled the mountain like the king of Olympus. His name is cognitive with the first element of his Roman counterpart Jupiter, his mythology and strength are the same, but Indra, Jupiter, Perun, Thor, and Odin are not like the Indo-European gods. Why Cast sketch practice is important : It is important to complete the projection of shadow to give instructions about the object's perspective, Some artists create the shadow to show the depth of the object. In many cases, this is very acceptable. However, it is much more technical to include perspective and different principles of perspective i.e., cast + core shadows Art Materials used: Paper: Fabriano Accademia 200 gsm Drawing: Staedtler lumograph graphite pencils(h,b,2b) Derwent Charcoal pencils(Dark,Medium, Light) Eraser: Prismacolor Kneaded Eraser Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser Rendering Materials: Tortillions: Soft Tissues: Ear Buds: Mahl Stick Step 1 (Contour): Contour is an artistic technique used in the drawing industry. Normal lines are used to make the rough outline to have a rough idea of subject’s length and width, thickness, depth, perspective. The purpose of the Contour is to highlight the scale and volume, ignoring the details of the subject to give a three-dimensional perspective. Step 2 (Contour 2): We start working with the use of mahl stick from left and move forward to right because of me being right handed, this helps me to have a clear view of the portion I am sketching In this step, we complete the basic contour drawing and we get the idea of the depth and shape, so now we can start working on the details. Step 3 (Soft Details) : After the basic outlines of the subject, we start with the details of hair, ear & beard from the mid-tones and then use charcoal to get the dark shadows, then we apply medium strokes on the eye which gives some depth & our figure starts evolving out from paper.Then we want a background, which makes up surroundings and empty space making the subject look 3 -dimensional. Step 4 (Final) We give highlights of hair and beard using a kneaded eraser and Staedtler plastic eraser, it can be used for erasing any wrong strokes & also to make a partial highlight or stand out by removing the charcoal dust from the paper. Staedtler graphite pencils are used to give very light strokes because use of charcoal for the light parts can be very risky at times, sometimes it is not possible to remove all the charcoal dust from the paper creating a bad spot in our artwork I have worked a lot on this sketch and have taken care of every detail to make this sketch look 3d AfterCrop So our Zeus is complete and looks amazing, I am very happy with the outcome. I have clicked this image from Olympus VG-120 and cropped it. for more such Artworks & work in process follow SUJITH PUTHRAN
  4. study film.jpg

    From the album My Paintings

    charcoal on paper WIP