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Found 2 results

  1. Chameleon Invest Club logo design I developed a logo for the Chameleon invest club. The idea was that the chameleon adapts to the environment, and the investment club also adapts to the situation on the stock exchange. During trading on the stock exchange, the trading candles are green then red, and it was necessary to draw a chameleon that adapts to trade candles. This work on my Behance portfolio. My contacts: Behance ╳ Instagram ╳ Twitter
  2. Hello, I'm Sarah

    Hello, My name is Sarah, I'm a freelance UX/UI&Graphic designer. I love the idea behind artbyte and believe me i was thinking of it even before knowing about it TRUE !! Imagine if we have a smart currency which we can use to buy assets, kits, artworks and stock photos from other artists. Also if all of the creative people on the planet deals/accept the same coins. People can use it to easily buy artwork from minimal ( ~1 coin )to rare or even historical artwork ( ~10000 coin ). I'd love to be a part of the awesome artbyte. I'll be the first person to join the marketplace once it's open. I can even help designing the marketplace/mobile apps/web wallets user experience and interface. For some of my work please refer my freelance profiles : 99Design ( Newest work ) https://99designs.com/profiles/1829936 Freelancer ( Old work ) https://www.freelancer.com/u/SarahJatef MY artbyte address is : AaQyNSD4HH4NQrcuyLrJPaDFxDVm2HBrHe