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Found 17 results

  1. I have backed up my online wallet to my local computer from https://wallet.artbyte.me but I am at a loss at how to decrypt the json file. I want to get my private key to import into arbyte-core. Did I miss a FAQ or instruction page on this site on how to do this? Thanks
  2. Anyone having this error issue sending out artbyte? @Admin what's wrong with the web wallet?
  3. Iphone wallet

    Hi all, is there a iPhone wallet for the Artbyte ? I can't find one, pls help me.
  4. Best ABY Storage. Opinions?

    I am sure there are benefits to storing your ABY in the different wallets. My question is which do you guys think is safest for large amounts of ABY. Exchange sites and the online wallet are backed by the sites security (to my knowledge). The Desktop wallet is your own security, but less chance of compromise without actual access to your desktop? Just wondering. All opinions welcome! Thanks!
  5. Hi! I have created a Wallet on my mobile device first - with the Address AH4xNP2dPgtHnjk4t1y2auTc2pJycLx7CN Now, since I am at home, I have also downloaded and installed the Windows Desktop Wallet. But, its showing another Address - so I just wanted to know, if there is any way to sync both Wallets and use only one address instead of both? The Address of the Desktop Wallet is: AQtv8LVUjcWa9rAfyYKjNGTorP1jrRjyDu Thanks for any kind of support you can provide
  6. Own Intro

    Hello everyone. I just download windows wallet but its showing synchronizing network with more than 3 years. Can anyone offer me bootstrap blockchain for Wallet database.
  7. Maintenance?

    Hello, everyone. I've been unable to buy ArtByte from LiteBit for some time now due to 'maintenance.' Is there any news on what's going on with that?
  8. Introducing myself

    Hallo everybody! Welcome to All Day Impressions! My work is pretty much about different impressions. Every day we see different things, people, and we always forget to have a closer look at what we see... ... and we all forget to see the beauty of everything! What really matters isn't what we see, it is what we feel and the little details! Enjoy my work, ask yourself how the art influences yourself and have a closer look at the details! Thanks for supporting! My Wallet Adress: ATL9Mj2g8iAbFPAticaPwD4vGdqAgnPEav
  9. I saw an application on the playstore called "ArtByte Wallet", Is someone use this ? is it safe ? Thx for Reply
  10. Hallo all, i have a problem like image below, how is the solution? this is already 1 weekly.
  11. Wallet Problems

    Hi All Hoping to get some help with my Artbyte Wallet ver.0.8.7.o-beta. It has worked in the past as i have coins in there. When i load it it says NO BLOCK SOURCE AVAILABLE and ZERO ACTIVE CONNECTIONS TO THE ARTBYTE NETWORK It is 20 weeks behind and stuck on block 828558. Any help appreciated Regards Steash
  12. Hey all, So I have a wallet I am using to store ABY longer term. It seemed to be working fine until yesterday. So say I have a current balance of 10000 ABY already confirmed and sitting in my account a week. Then I decided to add an additional 1234 aby to the same wallet. What has happened is that the original 10000 aby balance is now showing as my pending balance and my recent transaction of 1234 aby is now showing as by balance. I closed the wallet after some time and the next day I reopened it and the amounts are still flipped and stuck. I looked at my send tab and it notes I only have 1234 aby to send. No transactions have taken place out of my account or in since this hiccup. What is going on? Any ideas... Wallet is fully synced. Was fully synced when I sent the new transaction and is not as I am typing this message.
  13. ArtByte releases SegWit enabled wallets for Windows, MAC, Linux, Android! http://artbyte.me/get-started/
  14. Dears all, Yesterday I was trying to open my wallet for MAC, and them, when the app was opened, it took a long time to sync again and when the sync was done, my account balance was 00.00. Another point is that my wallet address has completed changed from my last address, which is in my current profile. Please, I am having issues with mining since I have entered in this community and never could mine. And nooow this? what the hxll? Someone could help me this with will? Since the support e-mail also toook a looong looong time to answers me any position regarding my isssues with mining. Please, someone could assist me into this matter? Thanks and kind regards,
  15. Mobile wallet

    Any android wallet for artbyte? Or any plan to get it added to coinomi?
  16. Cant access the online wallet feature at all, and when I use the mac app it seems to have problems synching with network, doing so very slowly, can't see what my balance is on the app.
  17. Artbyte Wallet

    Hello Admin and Dev Team, may I report a bug on the web wallet that makes it quite difficult to access, I have pasted an image here encircling the https://? Apologies I should have put this topic on the Wallet directory, Thanks!