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Found 7 results

  1. ScreenDance Video: Chiaroscuro

    Hello everyone! I'm a screendance filmmaker and recent alumna from the University of Michigan. I create site-specific screendance videos with local dancers that capture the essence of a city through movement. This film is titled "Chiaroscuro." View full video below or at https://www.behance.net/gallery/53253031/Chiaroscuro ArtByte Address: ARGM8Y8U3sjzrRobqKSRBDbGNjEDdgVeNm (thanks for your support!) Chiaroscuro captures modern dance through the city lights of Detroit. Director and Filmmaker Michelina Risbeck Director and Choreographer Monica Brady-Barnard Dancers Monica Brady-Barnard Kayli Bottorff Hannah Rittmueller Chiaroscuro was created from Moving 24FPS in Detroit where dancer and filmmaker collaborate for a four day event.
  2. "Spring" - Glazing & Scumbling demo

    Scumbling and Glazing are both two important oil painting techniques. In this video, I show you in simple how I applied these. Thanks for watching!!
  3. Optical Illusion

  4. Hi! Just joined Artbyte!

    Hey! I just signed up and ready to post! The mediums I like to work in are painting (acrylic), digital painting/drawing, video and music. So be on the look out for my work. Here's an example or two oh my work. Here's a video a recently finished and uploaded to the youtube. And I just uploaded this song to Soundcloud Enjoy! ATVhmeY4jHiaxLtLJd8ZWHfwDLfm9JQoKn here's a l
  5. 1 Minute Time Lapse Painting

    A video of a painting made yesterday
  6. 3 Minute Time Lapse Painting

    A video of a painting made yesterday
  7. MichelinaMotionArt New User

    Hello! I'm new to ArtByte and wanted to make sure I'm using the system correctly. I created my first art post under the "filmmaker" section. Not quite sure what happens now but eagerly excited to fully understand ArtByte. Also people keep posting their ArtByte Address so here's mine: ARGM8Y8U3sjzrRobqKSRBDbGNjEDdgVeNm Thank you and any advise would be most helpful :)