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Found 5 results

  1. yesterday's echoes

    From the album Digital works

    Digital painting, line-art

    © J. Van de Perre

  2. VectorHouseSmall.png

    From the album My Various Works

    A vector recreation of a client's boyhood home.
  3. Stages of Human Life

    Hey, everyone. I recently got commissioned to create 8 vector characters for a card game - each of them had to represent one of the stages of human life, starting from baby and going all the way up to elder. I've added the illustration to the projects page on my website, please check it out and tell me which are your favorites: http://www.arjendehaan.com/games--projects.html
  4. Hello creators! My name is Madis Põldsaar, I am from Estonia. My ultimate passion lies within vector portraiture and illustrations. I also have great interest in branding and packaging design. Experience in vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator): 10 years Reference: Adobe Illustrator Blog Portfolio: Behance | Instagram | Dribbble ArtByte Wallet Address: AKLTkVU4AZxeGJdRTiATFkYwCJFhnP9Xus My motto: CREATE!
  5. higher road

    From the album Kringstad's Vector Work

    50" x 40" X 40" x 50" Squared Rotational Vector Art #shawnkringstad

    © Shawn Kringstad 2015 - 2018