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Found 4 results

  1. As artists, we both create and enjoy a lot of artistic or creative media. I'd like to discuss what movies, games or series have your favorite unique artstyle. This is less about technical prowess and more about creativity, though technically impressive works are welcome too. In terms of movies, I really love the style of Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea. I highly recommend that you look up these films if you're into animation. In terms of games, I really love the style of Bastion and Transistor. Supergiant games has really knocked it out of the park with the presentation all their games. What games or movies with a unique style are your favorites? Please let me know!
  2. felt cute in this

    From the album my weird drawings

    feel free to visit my redbubble.com shop for tshirt designs or stickers: https://www.redbubble.com/de/people/drawinghurts/shop
  3. Hi everyone! I am new media artist from Slovenia. I make beautiful and unique art, handcrafted only with a single sewing thread. My portfolio: www.cvern.com Artfinder profile: www.artfinder.com/cvern ArtByte Address: AZaW2J4Tsij1zkHdHdx7NetBf3o4PVxYFd Some of my work:
  4. Resin & Ink Art

    I create abstract art with resin and ink. The special thing about it is that i end it with markers and make kind of a treasure map layout to make from luxurious to luxurious, young and cool for the modern collector. APdsu7miU9MQAHwizby6hwLXczcGtBCFx1