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Found 5 results

  1. A Peak of Heavens

    From the album Light comprises its moments

    All the pieces are part of the picture, and no piece is less a part of the whole than any other.

    © Oana

  2. Heavenly

    From the album Paint the sky make it yours

    oil on canvas 60x40x3cm

    © Oana

  3. 2021 - The Eye's Odyssey

    From the album Pooortraits

    *** ArtByte account: AVkKEn52GeazLPAatEDBWpsDYxuGYX37aa *** That is my second self-portrait, please let me know your opinion about it.... <(O)> 2021 - The Eye's Odyssey <(O)> ~ "Self-portrait of the artist in the near future...yeah, you are right...a portrait from the future!" ~ Acrylic on canson A3 By Rufus Jhonson http://xxxkull.com/ http://rufusjhonson.com/ https://www.instagram.com/rufus.jhonson/ https://www.facebook.com/rufus.jhonson/
  4. A Peak of Heavens

  5. The Wild Kapitalism

    From the album Mysteries oof the Wooorld

    "This artwork represents the current moment the World is living on. All the blood and sweat spilt of in order to get the necessary profit to a few luck ones" ArtByte account: AVkKEn52GeazLPAatEDBWpsDYxuGYX37aa AVkKEn52GeazLPAatEDBWpsDYxuGYX37aa http://xxxkull.com/featured/the-wild-kapitalism-rufus-jhonson.html