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Found 1 result

  1. Freelance Multimedia Artist Slav Date of birth: 03/31/1973 City: Bor Serbia +381652495989 Lovke73@mts.rs Divorced Male Dobrivoja Radosavljevića Bobija 14/9 Education: Technical Highschool Major: Electrical Engineering Bor 1992 / Electrical technician/ Energetics It's been nice, fun and creative. I've made more poor choices than the good ones, and it later backfired on me. But, I'm still here and the show must go on! September 1989. - June 1992. Work Experience: Elektrodistribucija Bor Intern Bor It was obvious I wasn't made for the job, I preferred working with electrical devices, installations and underground cables. January 1995. - July 1995. ŠRIF Bor Sound Engineer, Journalist- Intern Bor That was my dream job, but the political situation was such, that I couldn't fit in. It wasn't because of lack of my skills and knowledge, but because of the politics. October 1996. - April 1998. Coffee Bar Galerija Barista Bor, NGC Those were crazy times. Worked two jobs, got a child... All in all: the race against the clock with a serious lack of time and food. November 1996. - August 1998. Mining investigations, RBB Bor, RTB Drilling Assistant, Pump worker, Electrician Bor Hard work, small wages, 4 days in the field- 5 shifts, 4 days in a village, farming, gardening. Then underground investigations, and the workshop. September 1998. - September 2004. Freelance Multimedia Artist Here and there. Crazy and fast, gigs, festivals, acting, art shows, book and magazine promotions. Performances and many other things with minimal gain. October 1994. - Still there Language Skills: Serbian Macedonian Montenegrin Bosnian Croatian English ( US ) Technical Skills: Photo Editing MS Office Electronics Working with professional DJ Mixer Video Film ECDL COREL RealDrawPro Sony Acid Sony SoundForge Premier Sony VegasVideo Experimental film Bunch of videos on a drive, mobile phone, computer, software and I. Prose Chaos in my head, Word, keyboard and me... Pen and paper sometimes. Poetry Chaos in my head, Word, keyboard and me... Pen and paper sometimes. Journalism Running around, exclusives, tape recorders, dictaphone, false interviews, prepared questions, accentuation… Experimental music, Photo Editing Various instruments, computer, effects, and I... Photography, computer, software and I... References: Music Production Publishing CV, Saša Lović, en.doc