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Found 57 results

  1. Alain Picard, 1974

    Alain Picard, 1974 | Portrait /Figurative /Landscape painter Alain Picard earned a BA in illustration from Western CT State University and went on to study at the Art Student's League in New York City. Picard cites Sargent, Degas, and Sorolla among his artistic influences. A love of light and beauty are immediately apparent in his pastel and oil paintings. Alain's work has been featured in such publications as The Artist's Magazine and The Pastel Journal. He has garnered top awards* throughout the Northeast in esteemed exhibitions including the Portrait Society of America, the Hudson Valley Art Association, the Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists, the Connecticut Pastel Society and the Pastel Society of America. Alain is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America as well as the Connecticut Pastel Society where he serves as President. In 2004, The Artist's Magazine highlighted Alain as one of 20 contemporary artists "On the Rise". He later won the Best Portfolio Award* at the 2009 Portrait Society of America Conference in Washington, DC. A frequent workshop instructor and demonstrator for art associations, schools, galleries and museums, Alain was recently invited to demonstrate a portrait in pastel at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. He lives with his wife and two sons in Southbury, Connecticut. FOR MORE SUCH ARTISTS' & ARTWORKS FOLLOW SUJITH PUTHRAN
  2. Georgios Iakovidis | Genre/Portrait painter

    Georgios Iakovidis | Genre/Portrait painter Liberty' statue, Mytilini, Greece Liberty' statue, Mytilini, Greece Liberty' statue, Mytilini, Greece Liberty' statue, Mytilini, Greece Liberty' statue, Mytilini, Greece FOR MORE SUCH ARTWORKS & ARTISTS' FOLLOW SUJITH PUTHRAN
  3. Black Panther

    From the album Digital works

    Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther
  4. jamie lynn - .jpg

    From the album Portraits

    As the delivery man knocked, she listened. An open window next the front door was unavoidable temptation. As he stuck his head through the opening, she watched. He began to enter. Half-way, caught his trousers on a nail, awry in the sill. Wiggling to free himself, she thought of a fly; web-stuck, easy prey. Two kitchen carving knives, spider's fangs - she bit...and bit and bit and bit and bit. One was probably enough, but, you know how it is - young, American, impulsive. Like a totally cool Bowie song - just badly written.
  5. A young woman portrait

    Hi, I would like to share with you some stages of the drawing process of a woman portrait I made with Photoshop This first image shows the freehand drawing I made using different "black pencils", changing the thickness and intensity to get different tones of greys. I added colour to the background. I start to paint the face too. only using greystones. The grisaille for the face is already made, I got the dark tones, mid tones and the brightest points. Now I give the colour of the skin to the face, painting in a transparent top layer the skin colour I have chosen. This way of painting emulates the old technique of oil painting created by Master of the Flemish school in the 16th - 17th centuries.
  6. Hugo Urlacher | Portrait Painter

    Hugo Urlacher, 1958 | Portrait painter Hugo Urlacher was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is considered a very accomplished portrait painter. During his career as a plastic artist, instead of focusing on art shows and exhibitions and depending on a middle person, he concentrated on commissioned works, while developing his own personal art. In this manner, he completed a great number of portraits of national and international figures. His personal work focuses exclusively on the human figure, following his classic aesthetic roots, with great influence from the impressionist realism, source of his ever present magical inspiration. The artists that have had the greatest influence in Urlacher’s works are: Degas, Vermeer, Miguel Angel Merisi, Rembrandt, and, above all, Diego Velazquez. Urlacher later ventured into the Sacred Art field, and has been painting for the past fourteen years altar pieces for Opus Dei oratories. He also completed works for several churches in Buenos Aires: “San Felipe Neri”, “San Vicente de Paul” and “San Cayetano”. In 2007-2008 Hugo Urlacher painted a portrait of Father Alberto Cutie. He also painted The 23 Virgins of the Americas at the church of St. Frances De Sales. Urlacher painted a portrait of Mother Adela Galindo, founder of The Pierced Hearts of Mary and Jesus. A total of six stained glass panels depicting various saints were created for their chapel and were all hand painted by Urlacher. It serves to mention he is also stained glass painter for Art Glass USA. He has been working with master stained glass artist Francisco Javier Da Silva Goncalves creating artistic designs of all kinds for over 27 years. Urlacher is also an expert engraver of plates for paper money, and an apprentice of the master Italian engraver Trento Cioninni, author of the five portraits in the current series of argentine paper money. Urlacher engraved plates for Argentine currency (the reverse of the one-hundred pesos bill, “The Campaign to the Dessert”) as well as plates for the currency of Paraguay, the Republic of Guinea, and Angola, among others. A large part of his paintings are of his own personal creations. These paintings and portraits form exciting additions to diverse private collections around the world. There are also many paintings and stained glass panels of religious works in many churches, chapels and other places of prayer that are on permanent public display. Due to Urlachers artistic expression and diversity in paintings, portraits, engravings on paper currency and stained glass, examples of his work can be found all over the world. Hugo Urlacher è nato il 30 ottobre 1958 a Buenos Aires, Argentina. Autodidatta, pittore della bellezza classica, ha iniziato a dipingere nel 1982 all’età di 24 anni. For more such artists' & artwork's follow SUJITH PUTHRAN
  7. Hello creators! My name is Madis Põldsaar, I am from Estonia. My ultimate passion lies within vector portraiture and illustrations. I also have great interest in branding and packaging design. Experience in vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator): 10 years Reference: Adobe Illustrator Blog Portfolio: Behance | Instagram | Dribbble ArtByte Wallet Address: AKLTkVU4AZxeGJdRTiATFkYwCJFhnP9Xus My motto: CREATE!
  8. Fashion and portraits

    Hello to everyone. Glad to be here ! Portofolio . https://500px.com/paul-petrut https://www.flickr.com/photos/131992755@N05/ ArtByte adress AWGqh3BML3vggbtz8WYsASLbkz6URCJwSh
  9. Something which distract her observation 110x80cm, oil on canvas, 2011
  10. The JEDI

    From the album BingsArtwork

  11. the WONDER

    From the album BingsArtwork

  12. Study drawing

    Study drawing, process Close-up Done in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet Support to: AKgD6DN9N2YVPQ59Faa4sy5e1dMG9Z8Tm4
  13. From the album My art

    Something which distract her observation 110x80cm, oil on canvas, 2011
  14. Tory

    From the album WIME

  15. Longing.jpg

    From the album Oil Paintings

  16. individual

    From the album WIME

  17. From the album Bob's drawing album

    A graphite pencil drawing of father and daughter. .
  18. Dibujo iansomerholder.jpg

    From the album Retratos/portraits

    © vanina merlo

  19. Arc of Story

    From the album Into the Woods Series

    12" x 12" Acrylic on Canvas

    © Nicolette Leigh Yates

  20. Masai maiden

    Work by Carl Van Haght using Acrylics depicting various scenes captured in Africa
  21. Lidy

    From the album Paintings

    Portrait of a quirky french actress. My portrait of Lidy is based on a photograph of her. She designed the costume herself The feathers are one of a kind... Acrylic on canvas.
  22. Portrait, 45x60cm, oil on canvas 2014

    From the album My art