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Found 43 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I am Madan (maddy) from Amsterdam, Netherlands. I am an aspiring travel and landscape photographer. I love travel and landscape photography for two main reasons, 1. makes me travel to different places and meet new people, learn new culture and eat local food and 2. It makes me connect with nature, makes me observe all the minute details that are ever changing around us and makes me realise how lucky I am to see such beautiful views. I live in a country well known for its windmills and hence I want to share with you a fantastic sunset scene from the world famous Zaanse Schans - Windmill Village of Netherlands. Comments and feedback are welcome and if you like my work please tip me: AZpTfcSWcJDdd4hwrbzdCTsgZD9B84FFWd I plan to use any donation that I receive to upgrade my current gear so that I can make more beautiful pictures Thanks & Regards, Maddy
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, but I hope the category I chose is right. I'm Martith, a Polish artist adventuring abroad (currently Chile), self-proclaimed fox fanatic, with nature as a close second I'm self-taught, painting digitally for almost 6 years now. I love painting animals and doing photo studies. I'd love to present you some of my artworks. For photo studies I use mostly pictures licensed with CC0 license. Some of the artworks I've made are commissions, therefore I used photos belonging to their rightful owners My portfolio: http://martith.art ArtByte address: AV8cu6oG2tCBwbapsz3Xxhu6R2fshGES6h Other art socials: DeviantArt | YouTube | Instagram | ArtStation Thanks for checking out ♥
  3. Oceana, drawings to color!

    Hi, Discover throughout this book very nice drawings you can colour! You´ll find twenty creative and stress-relieving colouring pages for adults, inspired by the amazing underwater world of the oceans and the rivers. If you want to get the pages to colour, download a pdf file on my site. You´ll can to pay with BTC!! Thanks so much for watching!!
  4. The Spiderweb

    From the album Oil paintings

    oil painting, 50 x 65cm - 2018
  5. The spider web

    Hi, the spider web is my last oil painting. I want to show you some stages of the painting progress hope you enjoy it. For the first layer, called underpainting, I have painted with brown and yellow ochre colours. I paid more attention to define the colour and light of the background. Basically, I used Burnt Umber, Titanium White, Yellow Ochre Pale and Ultramarine Light. Here I define some plants and leaves for the front using the same palette used previously. (The different tone is because I took this picture at night). At this stage, I start to place the flowers and give some green touches to the leaves in front. For the green colour, I made a mixture of grey and yellow (Paine's Gray and Cadmium Lemon). Now, my palette consists of different degrees of green that I made with Lamp Black, Cadmium Lemon and Titanium White. Here, for the leaves of the tree, I made almost the same mixture of green but with more yellow and I used a little yellow ocher as well. I worked on the flowers by adding white. With the colour white too, I drew the spider web. This is the finished painting. The following images show some details. Hope you liked these images. Thanks for regarding!!
  6. Sunset over my home

    From the album My home and its landscapes

    I love the sunset scenery! You too?
  7. Fiery Tree!

    From the album Madan Raj Photography

    Took this picture while walking towards the Belem Tower from Belem Church. At this exact moment sun was peeking through a small hole of this lovely old tree making a lovely image. See in HD: https://500px.com/photo/242249779/fiery-tree-by-madan-rajagopal Follow me: https://www.facebook.com/madanrajphotography/

    © Madan Raj Photography

  8. Hi, in this post, I would like to show you the study drawing previous to the oil painting. I have drawn this study on kraft paper using charcoal, chalk sticks and soft pastels. If you want to see the process, please watch the video I leave for you here. If you haven´t seen the previous video for the composition, this is the link: Thanks so much for watching!!
  9. Eddie Cloud - Nature Photographer

    Hi I'm Eddie Cloud I live in a very beautiful part of United Kingdom where you can find me often caring my photo bag across fields and hills. I'm obsessed with light and clouds, checking weather forecast constantly as a crypto trader would check his accounts for profits I specialise in stills, time-lapse photography and video. In case of bad weather I'd normally disappear in my home based studio where I work different handcrafted products like backgrounds, still life, food etc. I've got great dreams, plenty of imagination and beautiful people around me. Currently I'm submitting my work to major stock photography libraries including: Shutterstock, Alamy, Fotolia and Creative Market. You can find a selection of my portfolio on Eyeem . My web portfolio is currently in the middle stage of development so it's currently nonexistent but in near future you will be able to find me on www.eddiecloud.com so in meanwhile take a look at just freshly started Redbubble store My ArtByte wallet : AR5fY6fz6hYpvGXoxxo28NBEMFcTJHY1NR Twitter Instagram Photo location: Aberystwyth Photo location: Quairaing, Isle of Skye Photo location: Carding Mill Valley, Church Stretton Photo location: Shifnal near Telford Photo location: M54 near Telford Photo location: Fields near M54 in Telford
  10. Study drawing

    From the album Drawings

    Chalk on kraft paper
  11. Well, I got my camera 2 years ago, and had a long way to find my own style. I like great landscapes, smiles and interesting places. I am not professional - just a man with camera, who wants to make this crazy world better. Some my works you can see in Dreamstime or in My instagram. If you like 500px site, I have account there:) Twitter for fans: Look here! What I present for you today? I think, I start from my last journey, that ended 2 days ago: For only this one moment I planned 1-month trip, saw many cities and mountains, visited a lot of temples, but the main goal was there, in this crater! We woke up at 1 a.m. for walking below the stars, reaching the top of neigbour mountain and waiting first lights from the sun... One of the best moments in my life, I think. Hope, you like it! This is National Park Bromo - Tengger - Semeru in Indonesia and one sunrise in this stunning area! My ArtByte wallet is here: AeeZ1cwSDqcm7osLtU6DFoXqoZFSaqptNy I will thank you for your interest in my works! Enjoy your life!
  12. Anurag Verma - Photographer

    Hi everyone, I'm a photographer My Portfolio - www.instagram/Anurag.picz Artbyte Wallet Address : ANtLpQ5Eww2iyzjUzTMQD4CKgdkGRUWrZ3
  13. Untitled

    From the album Watercolours

    Watercolor 2013
  14. Landscape

    From the album Watercolours

    Watercolour painting
  15. Vibrant Sunset @ Belem Tower, Portugal

    From the album Madan Raj Photography

    Took this picture while walking towards the Belem Tower from Belem Church. At this exact moment sun was peeking through a small hole of this lovely old tree making a lovely image. See in HD: https://500px.com/photo/242249779/fiery-tree-by-madan-rajagopal Follow me: https://www.facebook.com/madanrajphotography/

    © Madan Raj Photography

  16. Autumn at the Sonian Forest

    From the album Watercolours

    Watercolour - 45 x 63 cm. - 1998

    © J. Van de Perre

  17. Untitled

    From the album Watercolours

    Watercolour - 1996

    © J. Van de Perre

  18. Regrowth

    From the album Watercolours

    Watercolour - 45 x 65 cm. - 1996

    © J. Van de Perre

  19. Landscape with four tree-truncks

    From the album Watercolours

    Watercolour - 65 x 41 cm. - 1996

    © J. Van de Perre

  20. Red fabric with orange

    From the album Oil paintings

    Oil on canvas panel - 30 x 40 cm. - 2016

    © J. Van de Perre

  21. small photography

    Hi everyone, I am just someone who like to be outside. Searching for small things. Because they are so beautiful https://www.instagram.com/der_malte_/ ArtByte address: AK5CtDrXUgbeHtdrEVyHzCcyK8th9h5TWL
  22. The Painted Bird

    From the album Broken fused

    Painted bird, glass fusion inspired by the novel of Jerzy Kosinski. Even when you are a little different they will attack you anyway. Dimensions 150 x 80 cm

    © Pejo

  23. "Pink whisper in the sky" by Ame

    From the album Paint the sky make it yours

    oil on canvas 60x40x3cm "Paint the sky, make it yours" project

    © Ame Painter