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Found 13 results

  1. Hello ArtByte Lovers

    Hello ArtByte lovers... my name is kousuke from indonesia. any body can help me... how to start artbyte mining ? my wallet : AJdp9uxfGcJvJQ4xSmkCFHEpQhNnPWdGU5 thanks.
  2. Hello ArtByte Lovers

    Pecinta Hello ArtByte ... nama saya kousuke dari indonesia. setiap tubuh dapat membantu saya ... bagaimana memulai penambangan artbyte? dompet saya: AJdp9uxfGcJvJQ4xSmkCFHEpQhNnPWdGU5 Terima kasih.
  3. Confiruge mining ABY with cpuminer in zpool.ca Step1: Download cpuminer Step2: Edit pool, local, port, walllet address Step3: Mining
  4. Hi, how and where can I create a pool to be abel mining ArtByte in my ArtByte wallet
  5. Mining from the Hash-To-Coins Pool

    Hey everyone! I successfully downloaded the ArtByte wallet and synched it up, but every time I start to mine, it stops instantly. I think this is because I haven't pointed it to any working pool, like Hash-to-Coins. However, I can't find an option in the ArtByte Core wallet to actually mine from any particular pool. How do I set it up so it mines from a pool I choose?
  6. It's about the details!

    It's not about big towns! The world is more then just skyscrapers and traffic! Look at the picture and find your own detail! How close are you looking at it? Do you remember the color of the flower in the left? What color has the roof of the church? Exactly! The details make the difference! Thanks for supporting: AQ6KqU3WqKLqN6zvrFCFrZbHvntS11ex1f
  7. No Earnings for 2 days

    Hi, I have mined for 2 days now (updated to the newest wallet version) but still get no earnings. Please help
  8. Mining Bonus

    Has anyone else stopped receiving the mining bonus? I haven't received one in several blocks and I was receiving them every block. Very little incentive to mine with out the bonus...
  9. Does anyone tried to mine artbyte using nicehash?
  10. Question about mining Transactions

    Hello ArtByte Community I have noticed a few Orphaned transactions in my list Could someone possibly tell me what these mean? Does it mean they weren't confirmed properly and is it possible for Orphaned transactions to be re-submitted for confirmation? Thanks Tony
  11. GPU mining

    Wondering if there are any decent instructions for GPU mining? Looked around the forums, but didn't find anything that really pointed me in the right direction
  12. since 2016 I mining at pool.applebyte.me , althought i use PC , but i can earn aby everyday. usually i use CPU miner tool.
  13. Connection Refused

    I'm trying to mine within the wallet and I continue to receive the following error message: "Stratum connection failed, failed to connect to port, connection refused" I mine with other wallets/coins and have no problem. Advise please. Thanks.