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  1. Author intro

    Hi Everyone, took me a few months to actually get my butt on here, lol. But better late than never right? Seeing as I finished my short stories about 15 years ago, and only just got them published, through Amazon self publishing. So about me, I'm from Australia, born in Victoria, but spent most my life in Perth, Western Australia. Love my country. It's beautiful and deadly. I have traveled all around Australia. A bit in my younger years with my dad when he was a truck driver. Then I did a couple of road trips with some friends while I was in the Australian Navy. 7 years service. I did 2 years at sea where we did go all around Australia. I recently had a death experience. I don't say near-death, as I actually died on the operating table. Short story, in Sydney, on my motorbike. Truck driver didn't see us and t-boned us as he failed to give way entering the round about. Was very serious, and I'm still recovering, but that experience is what gave me that push to get my stories edited, artwork done and published. The environment is vastly different to say 10 years ago. Self publishing was an extremely expensive process with little support. If you had no idea about marketing etc, you'd end up with 4000 books in your basement/attic/spareroom waiting for family and friends birthdays or something. lol. Now it's so easy. Changing the way we view the industry... and now block-chain technology is set to revolutionize it again. Anyway, happy to be here, hopefully can make some cool industry contacts. cheers James p.s. currently in North Carolina, USA