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Found 1 result

  1. Do You Dare? J D Armstrong (new author)

    Hi everyone, this is my works, took a long time to get to this point.. but I've had them edited, and the graphic art done. Got a couple of reviews too... Compilation of ten short stories of the horror/thriller genre. Some familiar themes, Some familiar themes with a twist and some new themes altogether. Dive into the warped mind of James D Armstrong.... Reviews so far "This book is full of creepy, twisted, and shivery tales perfect for campfire storytelling or a quiet (and suspenseful) evening at home. Armstrong clearly has a penchant for the dark side of the mind, and his ability to illustrate with words is impressive. If you're looking for a new collection of psycho-thriller short stories, give this a try." Hayley Stone "Dark humour, horror and supernatural themes - what a crazy rollercoaster ride these stories are! I read this book on Kindle and liked it so much I knew I had to buy the 'real' paper copy!" D Lanoue "James’ sole intent is to not let you sleep! Read at your own risk!" Alana Osborne "If you like dark humour, horror and supernatural themes...you will like this book. Hold on for a crazy ride as this author is off the normal train." S Lanoue "I was skeptical at first, but this is very well written, and a very enjoyable book to read. It hooks you and reels you in with creative spooky twists around every corner with an aura of unpredictability and suspense. It is definitely worth the purchase! Looking forward to future releases from this author!" G Huff Do You Dare? LikeShow more reactions