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Found 35 results

  1. Hello ArtByte Community!

    Hello everyone! I'm a 22 year old guitarist and music producer. I had never heard of ArtByte until someone sent me some through the Reddit Tipping Festival! Glad to be here!
  2. Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I figured I'd introduce myself. My name is BloodyKitty230 (a.k.a) Kelly. I am 22-years-old, genderfluid, and a blogger for Second Life. Besides enjoying my photo taking within the virtual world I also love to play video games, draw, write, play my piano, cosplay, etc.
  3. Newbie

    Hi all, my name's fitriani i like traveling & i want to learn about artbytecoin. Thnk AKqY2gmwAL17Sc8aXZ2jWvamziJPr21JgX
  4. Hello friends... I am an old cryptoguy and joined this forum sometime back but never was active. But from now on i'll be an active and effective part of this community. I also gave my intro yesterday but i think i put it in the wrong section so here i am again introducing myself again. My Artbyte address : AJduSke9ycPENfHfXGQ2piQeATEfq1fZvG
  5. Was gifted ABY today

    I posted in r/art and received 20 ABY today. I'm totally new to cryptocurrency but am interested in trading. Cheers, check out my artwork here and here. Receiving: ALrXFx1QufYtJnU4hjboyerNGWchK2v76c
  6. Am Delighted

    I'm Adewuyi jeleel, a newbie in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Just know about artbyte and I'm delighted to identify with it. APyLUF3JedwuuMfu9AjsS5UH7d1M3CmGUC
  7. My Intro

    Hi Admin, I am new here and my name Usman and i am Cryptocurrency signal Expert Thanks
  8. Hello artbyte

    My name is Kay boy and Its a great pleasure to be here. ARSWUkSBRg3GF5f5w1JCpoFkx9murZHtYA
  9. Hi all

    Hi All, I'm new in the community. My name is Mark, 37yrs old an I'm from the Netherlands. Hope te see what this community is all about. (Anyone got tips to get the wallet to start mining? It starts and exits right away.) grtz to all wallet address: AQKmxTiJHq5B6poxbuBZtiercYMgbWqCML
  10. Hi there! :)

    Hi everyone To say Belinda Portland was born into music is an accurate statement. Her dad, an accomplished musician, taught by the great Myron Floren, was invited to play with the Lawrence Welk Orchestra. His encyclopedic knowledge of music and styles permeates her song list. One grandmother was a main church soloist, the other was a locally renowned lounge singer. That combination provided the deceptive power that lurks behind that soft and smooth delivery. Belinda's first love in music, remains her main genres of choice,Country Classics and Oldies. Dubbed "Little Patsy" she started on stage early, her Uncle sneaking her into local bars to sing with his band, at the age of 7 years old. This led to many years on stage with local performance troupes. and finally to Second Life where she continues to enthrall audiences with her radio-like performances. You can find me on Twitter : https://twitter.com/BelindaPortland or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BelindasCountryClassics/ or to hear some of my work, I am now on Youtube as well: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvqcnGwQ_HM-VVFGTI9xIOA My ArtByte wallet: AZ3sZ5Lgae2MHR5iMLgA3cuURuL34VHjW7 Hope to hear from you soon... Belinda
  11. Introduce myself

    Hi everyone, I'm an artist who make GIF pixel animation of tiny animals usually. So excited to join the ArtByte community! Twitter ( as gallery ) : https://twitter.com/rooupo ArtByte address : Ac2TSdS5PejzjZ5vBS7V8dJdWkkP25wZk3
  12. Hello everyone, I am an artist from India facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sujithputhranartist website: https://rockersujith.wixsite.com/sujithputhran Artbyte Address: AbcixgYXTTbXd2pgQhwhiYzKcpRFm2fcm4
  13. joining artbytes

    Hi, I am new on artbytes. My name is Dagmar and I am an artist living in Luxembourg. Curious to see your art work in the community. Seems one should leave wallet address here: ANZeTBGFLUozQhfuJqDb8aneqcf8AwdsUi And thanks folks for your likes I already got
  14. I finished my studies of photography and film at the Sant Ignasi Institute of Barcelona in 2008 and am currently studying a Master of Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom. From 2008 to 2014 I have been living and working in Berlin and moved to Nottingham in 2016. My work is mainly focused towards the socio-cultural and urban photography, addressing issues of different kinds but always from a critical and reflective perspective, showing the structures, processes, changes and problems that are part of social life and human interactions within urban space. I choose mainly subjects of architectural nature to show phenomenon and changes within our urban environment. www.katharinafitz.com
  15. hello Artbyte

    hello artbyte, i am happy to join this forum, my name is olelekan, i am happy to join this community and also the project. AMgQVPX4jWserikjqS3AM9yVszu5tLcpL1
  16. New here. Greetings

    Hello, I'm very new to artbyte. I know some other crypto currencies but never actually used any of them. I'm a digital artist and consider adding artbyte to my onlineshop. I'm going to add myself to the artist-list here when I am at home. AUess6sN8kLXvfRxivyQZ3bD6Yuw8hDpdk
  17. Introduction for GodBody Glass Art

    Good Afternoon. My name is Phive. I completely forgot to introduce myself in this section and put up my art work in the Artist Listing section. My glass journey started about 2.25 years ago and will continue for as long as possible. Inventory may include LilyPad Dabbers, Dreamcatcher Rig Sets & Pendants, Klein Recyclers, Honeydrip Basshead Pendants, and much more. My art can be found in many glass shops in both Cali and Florida. Many pieces are in personal collections as well. I am willing to trade USD and most forms of Cryptocurrency for my art, including ArtByte! I plan to get as many glass artists as I can to accept ArtByte. Being that I also work in the music industry, those are more potential members of the ArtByte community. Thanks for your time! TW: https://twitter.com/PhiveOfGodBody IG: https://www.instagram.com/godbodyglassart/ ArtByte Wallet: AGWukjsJEiyc6ft4xmvVg8kwCBxyU5LUL1
  18. Hihi

    Hi, I'm Demon~~ I'm a digital artist and just found out about this place through Reddit~ I draw mostly as a hobby, but would like to make a partial living of it through commissions and such~~ please check out my info here, which includes samples of my work and commission prices: https://www.reddit.com/r/artstore/comments/7m54qc/for_hire_digital_art_animemangagame_style/ I haven't set up a pricing for Artbyte, but please support my work by donating to my account: ATMEfLfj74UJCz7KzLMe6heSBm3ENL7yPt Thanks!
  19. Hey there

    Hello random person reading this, I am a 19 year old dutch artist who just found out about ArtByte and was immediately intrigued. I make 3D art in my spare time, I'll post some examples below. (Sorry for the low quality) More of my work: https://www.artstation.com/poortjemok
  20. Hello!

    Hello everyone! I am very interested in seeing how ArtByte works as well as seeing what everyone is working on. CryptoC
  21. Hi, my name's James and I'm an artist who is originally from the UK but grew up in Los Angeles, USA. I moved back to England and have been living in London for ten years. I draw, do digital illustration, and paint. I am very excited about this platform and look forward to connecting with the community. I'm new here so any tips or advice for a newbie would be appreciated. I would be grateful if someone could tell me how to get Artbyte set up on my twitter so I can recieve tips. Many thanks! My wallet: AKzD6CGg6PvsCixzXs1KrBar3kHQT8AZ9N
  22. Hi! I'm a wildlife and nature photographer. Love showing the beauty that's around us. My website: http://ilanhorn.photography/ ArtByte address: AVfHfPUjZ7mrRbouBWqWu8TKA2Y5859wuu Some of my work below:
  23. Hello all warm smiles and best regards. I am fresh to Artbyte and hope to get better acquainted with this platform soon. If you have any tips , comments or advice i am always open to suggestion or useful critique.
  24. I just joined ,, help me ...

    Hi friends, friends ,,, I'm new in this forum ,, my name is Cery ,, my hobby is reading and writing! Hopefully in this forum I can add my experience, especially in the field of writing,,, short stories, poems, and fantasy stories that I often learn ,, This is my wallet address : AeCSK4a1G7djEtsqZj2bYKABzUoyEUCksn Thank you...
  25. hai

    hi, i indonesian nice meet you all AXR4x1i4QP1GScsLdMaVDCRpzuiCqomN7h bravo aby coin, thanks