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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Artbyters, I'm Jesso. I'm an EDM and Visual artist from the Gold Coast in Australia. I've just joined Artbye and looking forward to hanging out in this lovely community! I'm still figuring out how the uploads work so here's my first album on Artbyte, will be uploading a lot more soon. http://music.artbyte.me/album/jesso-gotta-fight/ This is my Arbyte about me page: Jesso Artbyte About Me page https://goo.gl/e7ejQL You can also listen to it on Bandcamp if you want to hear the whole songs, or any of my other tracks. https://jesso.bandcamp.com/ Or you can listen to another 12 of my EDM and Trance tracks free on this Soundcloud Playlist This is also a link page to a few of my music videos or you can subscribe to me directly on YouTube http://www.jesso.com.au/video/ My You Tube Channel https://goo.gl/M1rP17 This is my Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Jesso I hope you are all having a great start to 2018 and I'm looking forward to meeting other artists and creators on this forum! I love the concept of Artbyte being a mixed media and multi disciplinary Arts space where Artists of all genres can mix and support each other. I hope everyone grows exponentially on this platform. X Jesso Artbyte Wallet Address: AGHTPT2jCDMu98avyJR45q1FcGwgjU5pvg
  2. Hihi

    Hi, I'm Demon~~ I'm a digital artist and just found out about this place through Reddit~ I draw mostly as a hobby, but would like to make a partial living of it through commissions and such~~ please check out my info here, which includes samples of my work and commission prices: https://www.reddit.com/r/artstore/comments/7m54qc/for_hire_digital_art_animemangagame_style/ I haven't set up a pricing for Artbyte, but please support my work by donating to my account: ATMEfLfj74UJCz7KzLMe6heSBm3ENL7yPt Thanks!
  3. Hi! Just joined Artbyte!

    Hey! I just signed up and ready to post! The mediums I like to work in are painting (acrylic), digital painting/drawing, video and music. So be on the look out for my work. Here's an example or two oh my work. Here's a video a recently finished and uploaded to the youtube. And I just uploaded this song to Soundcloud Enjoy! ATVhmeY4jHiaxLtLJd8ZWHfwDLfm9JQoKn here's a l
  4. Creamworkz - Greetings

    Hello all, My name is Alejandro Domingo also known as Creamworkz, I'm a professional graphic designer with a portfolio spanning over 8 years. I am passionate about minimalist, simple and clean design. I'm in cyptocurrency too. Mining some specific coin. Trading some coin and hodl for many years some of coins. I love the technology of the blockchain / cyptocurrency. Found this coin in coinmarketcap by typing intentionally the keyword "ART" and artbyte pop in in the searchbox. Look's interesting to me since i'm in graphic designs.. I've created thread about my works and portfolio... Greetings from Philippines..
  5. Hello Mates

    Hello Guys! I'm Kim, Graphic designer from New Zealand Thank you for welcoming. Behance: https://www.behance.net/kimkongasuncion My ArtByte address is: ALP7UzW8CW9zmaTfEwbP1iS8ArVxJKGXny
  6. Hello

    Hello, I'm from southeast asian here's my wallet AXyVGKsYgAo6upG3rS1ADp3HCgBCUYzGj8 very very thanks
  7. Hello Everyone

    Hello I'm newcomer from indonesia Its my Wallet Ab1ghodmTLBE9UeKCxKad2ahpT3Ba4sPXv
  8. The Crypto Guy

    Hello every1. I m Sohail Ishaque From Pakistan. And i love doing crypto business.. though new in it but i have a lot of knowledge and now a little bit of courage also to invest in Cryptocurrencies.
  9. intro to community

    Hi community,i'm from Indonesia ,glad to be here. My wallet addr. : AaG2N16AZfZPj57QBDzALHEtSWBaV3dS61