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Found 2 results

  1. Endeavouring in new fields

    Hello everyone, the name's Floyd. Currently studying fine-art at the Utrecht academy for arts in the Netherlands. Recently my work has been taking me in a different direction than before. Namely, my own past. In the above, I secretly interview my grandfather and confront him with his violent past. The effect that had on my father and in turn on me. It's only recently that I have dared to become autobiographic within my artistic endeavours. What im finding so far is that, the more personal I get, the more universal it becomes. ! Annual assessment coming up, would love some feedback from the community !
  2. "Mike Cabaniss is the founder of ArtByte, a network that seeks to create a system of monetary support for artists and the arts with cryptocurrency. The organization has five potential income channels, including tips, grants and awards from the ArtByte Foundation, mining income, and direct sales. The organization was launched in 2014 and uses proprietary digital coins and wallets to compensate its backers. Cabaniss is an entrepreneur with 35+ years in senior management in multiple industries, including IT regulatory compliance, IT management, software development, IT security, and product marketing. He is also an avid photographer. He explained his system to Block Tribune" You can read more here: http://blocktribune.com/mike-cabaniss-artbytea-fan-us-tipped-guitar-player-bahrain/