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Found 4 results

  1. Orl#ndo - Music Producer

    REMIXES: ARTBYTE ADRESS: ARDu4fiqxk9dywSAgTSmy4ezvFv7e6qe6D
  2. First single

    Hello friends. My first single now available on ArtByte MusicStore: http://music.artbyte.me/album/deep-inside-there-is-2/ Hope you enjoy it. Please share! You can find me here: https://twitter.com/niwdeyen https://www.facebook.com/niwdeyen/ https://drooble.com/niwde.yenref ArtByte wallet ATnZ8NFdDxAxLyAnfoBvoBgBziyZBcfxct Thanks for all your support. See you around.
  3. Frank Huurman

    Hey everyone, I'm Frank Huurman, a producer and musician based in Groningen(the Netherlands). My projects are very diverse, ranging from making my own music to making music for other people their animations, dvd menu's, time-lapses and YouTube intro's. People tell me that my music or sounds usually work great for games. These days I'm mostly working on instrumentals for Hiphop/Rap artists rather than releasing music of my own. Though I'm currently setting up a music production studio to get back to my own music and release an album myself in the coming year. Most of that album will contain music played by myself(guitar/drums/piano/violin/saxophone) with classical and indie rock influences. I'm also working on music and sounds for a game called Draggy Town. Here are some bits and pieces of what I've worked on: https://play.spotify.com/track/3cBN2STaLh71EN0D7gHBDT http://www.suzannetalens.nl/portfolio/logo-animatie-tj-today/ https://soundcloud.com/linesoflatitude A lot of my music and projects can't be found online(yet) so message me if you want to hear more! Have an awesome day! My ArtByte address: AYGH72jTCN3oJMGNeFGcY1Eqo4mgNC5APh
  4. Two Way Analog is a Post-Rock music project inspired by stories from the road. Formed in 2005 by Daniel G Jones. In 2006 “Music & Songs for the Road” is released; it is Two Way Analog’s début album. Self-produced and recorded at Jones's home-studio. The album evokes the essence of the band's identity which is captured on a half inch reel-to-reel tape recorders and valve amplifiers. Following the path of the previous album, "Misterio Aventura & Romance" (Mystery Adventure & Romance) was released in 2009. Title and visual concept inspired by the Sci-Fi magazines of 1950's. The single Reason Why, became number for several weeks in a local station called Radionica , putting the the band on the map of the local scene. In 2010 Jones decides to establish in London, and reconnect a little bit with his British roots and work in new material. In 2012 the song Once Again was featured as part of the soundtrack for the film Everywhere but home, written by German director Andreas Michera. In 2015, after a few years of not being back, Jones travels to Colombia and ended up settling back again with new members to record a series of songs that were under the mattress for the last 5 years. In 2016 TWA started pre-producing the new material. Of that work The Single 'Caught In The Middle' is the first single that is out now. In 2017 TWA will release their third album. Enjoy the ride!