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Found 26 results

  1. Poppies.jpg

    From the album Oil Paintings

  2. LoveJoy.jpg

    From the album Oil Paintings

  3. Heavenly

    From the album Paint the sky make it yours

    oil on canvas 60x40x3cm

    © Oana

  4. Serenity

    From the album Paint the sky make it yours

    oil on canvas 60x40x3cm "Paint the sky, make it yours" project

    © Oana

  5. From the album Works In Progress

    I love the colored skies because they seem to always tell a story...

    © Oana

  6. Three Wishes by Stefan Duncan

    Acrylic by Stefan Duncan. Squiggleism style.
  7. Beyond The Valley by Stefan Duncan

    Acrylic by Stefan Duncan, creator of Squiggleism.
  8. Squiggle Tree by Stefan Duncan

    This painting is made entirely of squiggles and is what I call of my "Squiggleism" style that I created around 2001.
  9. Willow Sunset by Stefan Duncan

    A Willow Tree seems to be paying homage to the Light, as a person holds reverence for the Divine.
  10. Down The River by Stefan Duncan

    The Light represents the Great Spirit. The water is the way or faith to leads to the Light.
  11. 20 by 16 canvas. Acrylic. Squiggleism. The Light in Stefan's painting represents the Great Spirit. Trees are like people with our feet as the roots and arms as the branches always reaching for the Light. Stefan has been dubbed the "American Van Gogh," by vangoghgallery.com . 2016's Best Freelance Visual Artist from Artists Music Guild. Noted as one of the top 2017's 60 contemporary artists of the world by ArtTour International Magazine. Winner of Messenger of Peace.