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Found 3 results

  1. Quote about helping someone

    Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.
  2. Hi I tried sending ABY from my online wallet and I got this following message, Send failed. [Code:-26], does anyone have any idea what it means and if I can correct it or just what it means might be helpful. Thanks for looking and any help will be gratefully received, thank you again, Bob. Update, I resolved the sending issue and managed to send, I think it was a ABY wallet address issue, it came back saying the address was not valid after typing it by hand, checked more than once, was sure it was correct but it was a new wallet address of somebody who I know has just joined so the address might not be authorized or something. I sent them to another address on my computer so I know they have arrived. If anybody could add anything to this, then please do so, thanks again, Bob.
  3. TXs Stuck in pending

    Hey guys, seeing a plethora of pending txs building up and am wondering about a few things... 1. Is this something wrong on my end? 2. Are they even real? 3. Are people obtaining the music file even though the tx is pending? thanks any help is appreciated