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Found 3 results

  1. A Peak of Heavens

    From the album Light comprises its moments

    All the pieces are part of the picture, and no piece is less a part of the whole than any other.

    © Oana

  2. A Peak of Heavens

  3. FFFallen Angel

    From the album Mysteries oof the Wooorld

    I am Venus (Lucifer), the beautiful Morning Star, the Light that serves the Dark. I am the most beautiful of the stars, I am the most beautiful of the angels. I am Venus (Lucifer), the Messenger of the Ancient and true Gods. Witrin Turania was dedicated to me and will remain with me, now and for all eternity. Just as all mankind is under my dominion. And if Lucipher serves the Ancient and true Gods, It also serves the Trinity of Darkness, through the spirits of evil, In this way, darkness rules the world in the form of Izzrah, Shagor and Zyclon! - The Atlas Lands ArtByte account: AVkKEn52GeazLPAatEDBWpsDYxuGYX37aa AVkKEn52GeazLPAatEDBWpsDYxuGYX37aa http://xxxkull.com/featured/the-fffallen-angel-rufus-jhonson.html