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Found 3 results

  1. A Me of Most Trades

    Hello, everyone. My name is Andrew Pydynkowski, and I create traditional and digital art along with some work in areas of graphic design such as logos. I am from central Minnesota, and graduated from college with a BFA in 2D Studio Art, but plan on going back for a Mixed Media or Graphic Design BFA followed up with an MFA eventually... hopefully. Most of what I used to make was random at the best of times; my main problem being I prefer to switch around my mediums and styles in which I work. My senior review professor said my studio looked like it was shared by 10 different artists, which is a nice double-edged sword of a phrase. Currently most of my art is made at the request of others, and I have lacked the motivation to create on my own time for my own purposes. After college I have been out of the loop from any real artist community and it has added to the things that hinder my work. Hopefully being part of a good artist community again such as here on these forums can allow me to build up some inspiration and confidence, and to in turn give the same back to others. So I look forward to talking shop and more with everyone on their artwork. You can check out some of my work here at my website. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to see you all around. Wallet: AQrmFhCxQ8NBmnwSVpgFyJUTJ8ptABdJvo
  2. Hello creators! My name is Madis Põldsaar, I am from Estonia. My ultimate passion lies within vector portraiture and illustrations. I also have great interest in branding and packaging design. Experience in vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator): 10 years Reference: Adobe Illustrator Blog Portfolio: Behance | Instagram | Dribbble ArtByte Wallet Address: AKLTkVU4AZxeGJdRTiATFkYwCJFhnP9Xus My motto: CREATE!
  3. Hi! My name is Bard Hole Standal aka "Hello Bard" and I am a graphic designer and indie game developer with a passion for character design! I live in Norway with my two lovely kids, my girlfriend and a somewhat obese cat called Tiki. Portfolio: www.bard.tv Indie games: www.hellobard.com Social media: Twitter - Facebook - Instagram Here's my latest game, the VR shooter "Woeful Woebots": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ylr8uvzWZ8E My ArtByte address is: Ae82kWXsJyumBAqbrcYABUMwzRJWrDdPSJ