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Found 5 results

  1. The Painted Bird

    From the album Broken fused

    Painted bird, glass fusion inspired by the novel of Jerzy Kosinski. Even when you are a little different they will attack you anyway. Dimensions 150 x 80 cm

    © Pejo

  2. The Man in the Mirror

    From the album Broken fused

    The Man in the Mirror, glass fusion mounted on a mirror, inspired by the song by Michael Jackson. Take a look at yourself and make a change! Dimensions 104 x 47 cm

    © Pejo

  3. Competing

    From the album Broken fused

    Competing, glass fusion. Three cyclist competing to be the first, everyone of them giving it's best, no winner is for sure yet. Total dimensions 130 x 60 cm

    © Pejo

  4. All That Jazz

    From the album Broken fused

    All that Jazz, individual glass fusions total 1,3 x 1 m

    © Pejo

  5. New artist from Portugal

    Hello friends! My name is André Almeida and i'm a musician, primary bass player. I play other instruments like drums, guitar and keys. Currently i'm working on my project but in the meanwhile i'm a freelancer (musician and teacher). Here is some of my work, hope you enjoy! My ABY Wallet: AJ17Y9G66tLJexXizyR1NuyjLLcrT8Y2nk