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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, but I hope the category I chose is right. I'm Martith, a Polish artist adventuring abroad (currently Chile), self-proclaimed fox fanatic, with nature as a close second I'm self-taught, painting digitally for almost 6 years now. I love painting animals and doing photo studies. I'd love to present you some of my artworks. For photo studies I use mostly pictures licensed with CC0 license. Some of the artworks I've made are commissions, therefore I used photos belonging to their rightful owners My portfolio: http://martith.art ArtByte address: AV8cu6oG2tCBwbapsz3Xxhu6R2fshGES6h Other art socials: DeviantArt | YouTube | Instagram | ArtStation Thanks for checking out ♥
  2. Autumn at the Sonian Forest

    From the album Watercolours

    Watercolour - 45 x 63 cm. - 1998

    © J. Van de Perre

  3. Forest Spirit

    From the album Martin

    I Finished this illustration August last year. It’s a forest spirit sitting on a mushroom playing with the butterflies which are happily flying around. Made with pen and water colors.
  4. marooned

    From the album brazza

    130x110cm oil/sand on canvas. Dripping, spatula techniques.

    © Marco Menato

  5. Playing Cards

    From the album Martin

    I Was browsing the internet when I came across an illustration forum. On the forum there was a monthly (or weekly I don’t remember) challenge where they wrote a little bit of text and members could submit an illustration to match the challenge. The text was something along the lines of “When he looked into the forest he saw…” I Thought it was a nice challenge so I packed my backpack and went to a nearby forest for some inspiration. The end result is these three animals playing cards. Made with pen and water colors.
  6. Light In The Forest by Stefan Duncan

    By Stefan Duncan. Acrylic.
  7. Forest

    From the album Martin

    A Quick small illustration of a scene I came across on my walk through the forest. Made with fineliners.
  8. Looking out of the forest

    From the album Martin

    Looking out of the forest. Made with water colors.
  9. Looking out of the forest

    My painting upload for this week: Looking out of the forest. Made with water colors. If you like my work and want show your support you can donate some ArtBytes to my address:AbUzTcDFVjg76Mfed1W1zfNoe6HoVPWtRC Move information on this painting can be found on my blog: https://martin.cubeactive.com/looking-out-of-the-forest/
  10. before raining1.jpg