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Found 7 results

  1. Come in Peace or Leave in Peaces

    From the album Light comprises its moments

    Faith means to trust in advance what will only make sense in reverse...

    © Oana

  2. From the album Mysteries oof the Wooorld

    *** ArtByte account: AVkKEn52GeazLPAatEDBWpsDYxuGYX37aa *** That is my last artwork, please let me know your opinion about it.... ...it is concerning this ancient passage, see as follow: <(O)> Il Paradiso: Il modello della Genesi <(O)> ~ "...and to all the animals on the Earth, and to every bird of the Sky and to every creature that creepeth upon the Earth, wherein there is the Breath oof Life - I have given every Sacred Pattern for food”; and it was so [because He - The Dark Monolith - cooommanded it]." ~ - Ancient Hidden Scripture (The Hidden One) Oil painting on panel 30x50x5cm By Rufus Jhonson http://xxxkull.com/ http://rufusjhonson.com/ https://www.instagram.com/rufus.jhonson/ https://www.facebook.com/rufus.jhonson/
  3. Crystallized

    Vision of Mary Magdalene.
  4. Summer (2).jpg

  5. buket.jpg