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Found 17 results

  1. Villageboi Apparel new designs, sent out to clients in port Harcourt and Lagos. Choose your designs, pay by transfer and get your order. Connect to my whatsapp: +2347054646716 Invade you want to call the numbers on the image, remember to say Stephen Onyiri referred you.
  2. Tina Cassati | Surrealist Fashion

    Tina Cassati | Surrealist Fashion Berlin based artist Tina Cassati, makes COSTUMES (sculpture le mode and giardino di arte), ruffs, hats-, bags- and shoes-, jewelry objects into modern surreale digital-photo-art worlds and illustrations. She paints, sews, draws, photographs, digital collage (mixed media, collage, illustration). She does not care about genres. Her work is influenced by Renaissance, Baroque, Traditional Clothing (Folk Costumes) fairy tales. To her, fashion is fine art. Tina Cassati is very inspired of historical and particularly of Elizabethan costumes, eastern clothes, fairy tale, folklore as well as from the picture language of the Renaissance. The love for costume and before all to the theatre affects its work much. The fusion of philosophy, symbolism and different rituals from the past and the present as well as stories inspire the work of Tina Cassati, paired the whole with visions of the future. The result is provokant usually, permits only uncompromising enthusiasm or frightening. FASHION as ART FORM. She is currently working among others on the project - giardino di arte - this is a conceptual art project (current series), where selfmade costumes and objects (sculpture le mode) and photo-surreal art (mixed media) in combine with the nature takes place, the greatest source of inspiration of Tina Cassati. FOR MORE SUCH ARTWORKS & ARTISTS' FOLLOW SUJITH PUTHRAN
  3. Hello...:) I'm fashion photographer from Croatia with "thing" for retro stuff -Geek -Gamer -Manga reader First of all i wanna thank "god" for not having some emotional or really bad story like many unfortunately people in this world So, i coming from relatively small country of Croatia, situation for artist is not really great here, i dare to say it's terrible. It's difficult to find job, and so on, and so on So, few years ago i found my love and something i want to do till the day i die, and that is photography and photomanipulation. I started to reading and learning about that, and all by myself i bought my first digital camera, and now i realize how expensive that branch of art really is I really want to change how people in Croatia are looking at art, and someday i want to help kids who don't have art school or plenty of money, just to show them other way I need money for new equipment, lenses, and i want to travel to see other cultures and ofc, take photos My wallet : AcUa77JARzu2ows5FjguBdaeKsAB1kYg3U My LR presets for sale : https://gumroad.com/l/BKZj My prints : https://www.redbubble.com/people/DarkIndigo?asc=u Thanks for reading and here you can find my work: https://www.instagram.com/dark_indigox/ http://dark-indigo.deviantart.com/ Have a great day...;)

    Hi everyone, Am Nangi Goodhead, a fashion designer in West Africa. my portfolio below... https://www.facebook.com/ankaracollections/ https://twitter.com/hashtag/ankaracollections ARTBYTE ADDRESS: ARQ7Fm51hKbqPuUzmUSW9zjEwjkNEHgyqQ latest female ankara collections for a friend, the ladies outit costs NGN20,000 ($53) while the babies cost NGN7,000 ($19.096)
  5. hello everyone, Am Tulston a Nigerian fashion designer and beauty pegeantry manager. Designer: VillageBoi Apparel Portfolio: http://villageboi.blogspot.com.ng/?m=1 https://twitter.com/_villageboi?lang=en https://www.facebook.com/Villageboiclothing/ my artbyte address: ASSfhgwbj8PdKhLtnLzmSZKBTgCTZVZHo3 Some of my innovative designs, ankara mixed with cotton fabric:
  6. Fashion and portraits

    Hello to everyone. Glad to be here ! Portofolio . https://500px.com/paul-petrut https://www.flickr.com/photos/131992755@N05/ ArtByte adress AWGqh3BML3vggbtz8WYsASLbkz6URCJwSh
  7. Anurag Verma - Photographer

    Hi everyone, I'm a photographer My Portfolio - www.instagram/Anurag.picz Artbyte Wallet Address : ANtLpQ5Eww2iyzjUzTMQD4CKgdkGRUWrZ3
  8. am new here, ankara collections

    Am Nangi Goodhead, a fashion crazy designer in Nigeria. ANKARA COLLECTIONS. I got to hear about artbyte for artists, from a friend and am here now! Hope my future will be established here! https://www.facebook.com/ankaracollections/ https://twitter.com/hashtag/ankaracollections ARTBYTE ADDRESS: ARQ7Fm51hKbqPuUzmUSW9zjEwjkNEHgyqQ
  9. Hi everyone, Am Nangi Goodhead, a fashion crazy designer in Nigeria. my portfolio below... https://www.facebook.com/ankaracollections/ https://twitter.com/hashtag/ankaracollections ARTBYTE ADDRESS: ARQ7Fm51hKbqPuUzmUSW9zjEwjkNEHgyqQ ANKARA OUTFIT FOR KIDS ANKARA OUTFIT MERMAID DESIGN
  10. most used fashion words 2017

    This year’s most-used words reflect fashion’s transition into its most progressive and politically-minded sphere to date, with words like “power” and “woke” taking the top two spots consecutively you can see all the topic here http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/fashion/most-used-fashion-words-2017-power-woke-statement-floral-a8108071.html

    Ae11yRQDCjuRYZnKugLJHXV2yZexfG41Sk first post get read more to come get readyy
  12. hello everyone, Am Tulston and am new here, i want to know and learn more thats why i join this forum. Am a marketer, fashion designer. My Designer name is VillageBoi Apparel! i love you! keep tipping! my artbyte address: ASSfhgwbj8PdKhLtnLzmSZKBTgCTZVZHo3
  13. Lidy

    From the album Paintings

    Portrait of a quirky french actress. My portrait of Lidy is based on a photograph of her. She designed the costume herself The feathers are one of a kind... Acrylic on canvas.
  14. Please don't look me

    Hello all .. nice to meet you exusme for introductions my self .. I am Icha , i am Self employment as models but actually I want to be a doctor and i am interested about cryptocurrency b'cause was make more material in my life try with ArtByte $ABY hope to give new spirit for my life my $ABY ALpwFRAJHP6mQULypSc16qVhTzKmrjzQGM Thanks
  15. Barbara

    Dear All, to present you one of my first fashion shooting by night, i used an 120cm octobox.