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Found 172 results

  1. Calisota Tattoo

    From the album My Various Works

    A tattoo design created for a couple's anniversary.
  2. Blue Whales

    I have started to draw a new series of sea animals to colour. In this case, I have drawn three blue whales from scratch, sketching first in Photoshop, then, they are drawn in Illustrator. If you want to see more drawings like this one, please visit my blog . https://oceana-adult-coloringpages.blogspot.com/ Do you love colouring? Look at my book Oceana
  3. Betta fish III

    Page from OCEANA , adult colouring book, coloured in Photoshop. If you love to colour, this book is available on Amazon . You´ll find beautiful drawings to enjoy colouring.
  4. Colouring a Seahorse in Photoshop

    Colouring in Photoshop
  5. Seahorse

    From the album Coloring pages

    Coloured drawing

    © J.Van de Perre

  6. Party Animals Sketches

    From the album My Various Works

    Some concepts I sketched up for little cartoon animals created for a client's party business. These would go on to be full color vector designs for hats and cups and plates etc.
  7. Colouring in Photoshop

    Hi, I would like to share with you a time-lapse demo of the process of colouring a page from my book "Oceana". This adult colouring book is available on Amazon if you enjoy colouring. In this case, I show you how to colour using Photoshop. Thanks for watching!!!
  8. Betta fish III Color

    From the album Coloring pages

    Colouring page from OCEANA, adult colouring book.

    © J.Van de Perre

  9. Betta fish III

    From the album Coloring pages

    Digital work Colouring page from OCEANA, adult colouring book.

    © J.Van de Perre

  10. Brunchopotamus

    From the album My Various Works

    A shirt design done up for a client that also happened to have a name close to my own.
  11. Betta fish drawing coloured

    Hi, I´m glad to show you my Betta drawing coloured by myself. I did it with digital media but I´m sure that with colours pencils, watercolour, acryl, oil or well any media you could do an outstanding result. I leave you here a short slideshow to show the principal stages. If you want to get this one in High Resolution to print, it´s available here. Or if you want a printed poster, framed, ready to hang, you can too! Look here. Anyway, if you love to colouring, my book is always available here on Amazon. Maybe you have not seen my previous publication, related to this? Here the link: Thanks so much for watching my post!
  12. Study drawing

    From the album Drawings

    Chalk on kraft paper
  13. Charcoal on Paper

    Charcoal & Pastel on Paper Title: Rainy Day
  14. Charcoal on Paper | Commissioned Portrait

    My new Charcoal sketch on Paper
  15. Portrait of a young woman

    Hi, I leave here a short video to show you some stages of the digital painting process for a portrait of a young woman. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks so much for watching!! ArtByte wallet: AKgD6DN9N2YVPQ59Faa4sy5e1dMG9Z8Tm4
  16. Waterline: Pejac Unveils New Drawings to Be Exhibited in a Floating Gallery on Paris’ Seine River Continuously secretive and unexpected when it comes to revealing his projects, Pejac (previously) once again surprised the art world by announcing an upcoming self-produced pop-up solo exhibition in Paris. Roughly a year since his last showing at an old gondola workshop on the canals of Venice, and a month since his surprise visit to NYC, the Spanish artist just announced this new show titled Waterline. To exhibit this selection of new work, Pejac found an old péniche boat that will be transformed into an unconventional floating art gallery from June 20-24th, 2018. Moored right next to Notre-Dame cathedral, this vintage vessel will host his most intimate show to date, presenting a large series of accomplished studio drawings. Works on paper are a crucial part of Pejac’s creative process and are usually the first step toward large public interventions or canvases, but are truly artworks in their own right. By showcasing previously unseen works, Waterline will grant the most direct look at the unmediated stage of the artist’s practice. Created mostly with charcoal or pencil on paper, these images are the early stages of concepts we’ve already seen turn into large pieces, or might still evolve into their final versions. Poetic and despairing, these striking pictures propose an unconventional future focused on the ways in which humans treat resources and the environment, as well as current socio-political issues and “modern society” values. You can see more of Pejac’s recent work on Instagram. For more such Artworks and Artists' follow SUJITH PUTHRAN
  17. Oceana, drawings to color!

    Hi, Discover throughout this book very nice drawings you can colour! You´ll find twenty creative and stress-relieving colouring pages for adults, inspired by the amazing underwater world of the oceans and the rivers. If you want to get the pages to colour, download a pdf file on my site. You´ll can to pay with BTC!! Thanks so much for watching!!
  18. parkerquinkdraws.jpeg

    From the album parkerquink draws

    parkerquink draws
  19. OceanaCover

    From the album Coloring pages

    Oceana - cover

    © J.Van de Perre

  20. BettaIColorFramed

    From the album Coloring pages

    Betta I a coloured and framed page of "Oceana" - Adult colouring book

    © J.Van de Perre

  21. Betta fish I - adult coloring page

    Hi, I would like to share with you some drawings that I made, they are related to my book for adults that is available on Amazon, since last year. My goal is to encourage you to take a look at my book and obviously encourage you to buy it to colour it. Here I go!: The drawing you see below, the Betta fish, was the first I did to start the colouring book. I show you here some steps of the drawing process. I drew a sketch first, drawn with lead pencil on paper. Then, I turn the drawing into digital outlines, so I get a pretty and clean figure. The next step is to achieve a more interesting drawing, attractive to draw, for which I draw intuitively scribbles and add some details to define the figure more clearly. Finally, I draw the seascape I found the most adequate for my fish. Now, the betta fish is finished, it just needs to be coloured! Thank you very much for looking at my drawings. I hope it was interesting for you If you like colouring, consider to acquire my book here. My wallet: AKgD6DN9N2YVPQ59Faa4sy5e1dMG9Z8Tm4
  22. parkerquinkdraws.jpeg

    From the album parkerquink draws

    parkerquink draws
  23. parkerquinkdraws.jpeg

    From the album parkerquink draws

    parkerquink draws
  24. parkerquinkdraws.jpeg

    From the album parkerquink draws

    parkerquink draws
  25. parkerquinkdraws.jpeg

    From the album parkerquink draws

    parkerquink draws